NeighBirds Bird Nest


Taking care of birds is a wonderful way of getting closer to nature. All year round you can enjoy watching them play and hearing them chirp away. The NeighBirds Nest is a great choice for a birdhouse. In 2013 it received the European Consumers Choice award which is given to companies for best design, innovation and ease of use. The NeighBirds meets all of these criteria. Continue reading


Bird Box: Eco-friendly Birdhouse


If you are into minimalistic design then the SmithMatthias birdhouse is a piece you need to pay attention to. It was created by acclaimed artists Jack Smith and Gemma Matthias who co-founded SmithMatthias – a UK-based design company. The birdhouse has a natural feel to it and beautifully blends with the outdoors. Its inviting soft curves and appealing simplicity make it an outstanding piece. Continue reading


Birdhouse: exceptionally beautiful


This exceptionally beautiful birdhouse was created by CPopp Workshop, a California-based designer furniture company founded by Curtis Popp. The design of the birdhouse is actually a part of their Soft Side Table collection- a collection focused on creating ‘approachable’ modern furniture. This was achieved in part by fashioning edgeless pieces that have a soft and welcoming look and feel. Continue reading


Sophie Conran Garden Collection


Sophie Conran, one of Britain’s leading designers and a passionate gardener, created three beautiful ‘hanging havens’ to help bring gardens alive. The concept behind the design was to encourage wildlife to come into the garden so that it would be a blooming living organism.

The collection was designed for Burgon & Ball – UK’s longest standing garden tool manufacturer, renowned for their outstanding quality and innovation. The Garden Collection are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved wood which means that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests. Continue reading


Hotel California: Purple Martin Birdhouse


The Purple Martin is North America’s largest native swallow. It is renowned for its song, entertaining aerial acrobats and voracious insect eating. This beautiful bird is at risk due to human expansion and the growth of non-native bird species that inhabit its nesting places. Over the past 40 years there has been a significant decrease in the population of Purple Martins in North America. A key factor that has helped combat this decline has been the emergence birdhouses that offer a safe haven for these migratory birds. Continue reading


Driftwood Birdhouse


We found this beautiful birdhouse over at Anthropologie… isn’t it gorgeous? I love to blend natural, organic items in my garden, and this driftwood bird house definitely fits the bill. Continue reading


Piep Show Home Birdhouse: Peeping Tom


Here’s another modern bird house for ya’ – it’s called the Peep Show Home Birdhouse, and one of the things I like about its design is that it’s not only bird-friendly but also tree-friendly.

It’s easy to mount with the included adjustable strap, that secures around a variety of tree trunk sizes – No more harming trees with nails and screws. Continue reading


Cube Birdhouse: a square with a flair


This decorative bird house is shaped as a square, however its design doesn’t lack imagination; every aspect of our feathered friends has been thought of, wrapped up in a modern geometric design. The Cube birdhouse will last a long time, just hose it off with a bit of water and you’re done keeping it pretty for next year. It’s a square with a flair. Continue reading


VesseL Bird Shelter: Live Performance


Good morning everyone! The sun is shining, the cool morning breeze is still in the air but something is missing, you can’t hear the birds singing because they are still hiding beneath the warm branches of the trees. So how can you get the perfect morning atmosphere without the enchanting, bird-tweeting melody? The VesseL Bird Shelter will provide your birds with a perfect shelter from the cold, guaranteeing a free concert for you every morning. Continue reading


Chestnut Fence Rail Birdhouse: An Oldie But Goodie


The magic of the past is something we rarely grasp, whether we’re trying to revive old furniture or simply feel like good old times. This decorative wooden birdhouse is a good old time item that will bring a rustic vibe to your backyard.

Nowadays, these old split rail fences are abandoned or removed; much of the wood is reclaimed for contemporary uses. This birdhouse is crafted from triangular segments of antique chestnut railings, hollowed out and provided with a 1.25″ opening. The face has three screws, allowing it to be removed for easy cleaning after the birds have long gone. It includes a twig perch and 6″ chain for hanging. By all means, this is good old fashion style. Continue reading


Solar Birdhouses With Windchimes


Check out this unique birdhouse set, isn’t it adorable? It consists of 3 beautiful bird houses, that are amazingly detailed and decorated with delicate wind chimes that rotate using solar power. Create a country cottage feel in your garden and hang them outside in your patio or simply suspend them from trees in your favorite spot in the garden, and enjoy the chime of soothing tranquility. I’m sure your feathered friends will appreciate this lovely nesting place garden decor. Continue reading


Seagrass Birdhouse


This delightful bird house from Plow & Hearth will attract wrens and other wild birds to its door step. It features a lovely design in natural seagrass over a steel frame, completed with a decorative leaf design at the top. Continue reading


Foldable Birdhouse


Here’s a cool DIY project for all you bird lovers. It’s an easy to make, foldable birdhouse craft kit for people of all ages, children and grownups too. Continue reading


Geo Birdhouse


Designed by multi-media artist and designer Kelly Lamb, this ceramic bird house is a unique architectural shelter, inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s famous geodesic dome. Continue reading