Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed


The Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed is an ingenious solution that lets your cat enjoy the warm heat of your radiator and also gives him or her a cozy place to rest and sleep. It has two sturdy hooks that easily latch onto your radiator and keep it securely in place. This unique bed also comes with a nice furry cushion so that your cat is comfortable and it also has a built in scratch pad to keep his or her nails in shape. A little teaser toy is also included to provide some extra entertainment. Continue reading


Saltato & Intellato: modern cat furniture


Intellato & Saltato are exquisite pieces of furniture designed by Marina Sciarrino for Petsmood. Ms. Sciarrino is an Italian and French architect who draws inspiration from her bi-cultural roots. Her work is characterized by her intertwining of art, architecture and design as well as her high sensitivity to that way in which spaces are organized. Continue reading


Cat Shell Bed: stylish habitat for cats


Designed by Oppo, a Japanese company specializing in innovative creations for pets, the Cat Shell Bed is a stylish habitat for cats or small sized dogs. The shell shaped beds have smooth round contours and come in a soft white color. The Cat Shell bed has an inviting natural feel to it that compliments the decor of any home. Its simple and elegant styles ensure that it will seamlessly fit into any room in the house and add character to the space. Continue reading


Cat Crib: The Perfect Hang Out


The Cat Crib, invented by designer Greg Hora, gives your cat a fantastic hangout place and gives you a solution that doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is a true win-win situation. The Cat Crib is a hammock with four Velcro straps that can easily fit under virtually any chair or side table. If you place it in a strategic room in the house, your cat will enjoy hours of people watching. Continue reading


Lui + Vigo Cat Scratchers: Scratch. Play. Sleep.


Watching your cats having a good time is an especially rewarding experience. Unfortunately, very often one of their favorite places to sharpen their claws is your couch. Now, Modko, a Brooklyn based design-house together with myKitty from Poland, are offering an alternative that cats adore. Two beautifully designed pieces of modern furniture that cats can scratch, play, rest and sleep on. The one piece is called Lui and the other Vigo. Continue reading


Suite Pet Bed: Italian design for pets


There is something about Italian design that just makes it stand out. Even from a distance you can appreciate its clean lines, elegance and quality. The Suite Pet Bed is no exception. It was made by Chiavari – an Italian company specializing in luxury furniture and interiors since 1969. The company recently launched the FORMA Italia line which focuses on creating innovative furniture for pets. Continue reading


Rocking-2-gether Chair


American architect Paul Kweton had a rocking idea- to combine a traditional rocking chair with a pet house. His hybrid creation is called the Rocking-2-gether chair 2.1. As Kweton states: “The idea behind the design was to combine shelter and body relaxation and to push its functionality to a different, more personal level”. The execution is simply brilliant. Continue reading


Designer Pet Blankets: Natural Wool Throws


In some places it can get quite chilly in the evenings even in summertime, and dont we all like to snuggle with a luxurious wool throw to keep us warm and cozy. This set of blankets from Mutts & Hounds is just beautiful with a bit of that old-school, English countryside charm – perfect for spoiling your dog or cat or simply compliment any room in your home. Continue reading


Kitty Ball Bed: The throne


Should a cat were to have a throne – that would be it! Relaxing high above the ground in a ball-shaped bed, while watching everyone pass him or her by. Royalty, you said? Indeed! With the Kitty Ball Bed your cat will definitely lounge in style. Retro style, that is… Continue reading


Kitty Clubhouse: For cats only!


When you got a cat one of the most important things you need to take care of is keeping it entertained; if you start to neglect them they will probably start ruining your furniture. One of the best products that will keep them entertained is the fabulous Kitty Clubhouse. Continue reading


FouFou Dog Donut Bed Set: and you’re all set


It’s nice to have a bed set, where everything matches in fabric, color, and style. So why not get one for your pet, too?! It’s time to get rid of those old blankets and get your dog or cat a proper sleeping quarter. This is a great deal and the best thing about it – one click of a button and you’re all set. Continue reading


Decorative Cat Hut: It’s getting hut in here!


Sometimes we wish someone will come up with a design that gives our cat the luxury feeling of a hotel room, just like we all love. I can say without a doubt that the Decorative Cat Hut is the perfect solution for that!

With stylish espresso color faux leather decorated with perfect stitching, you could easily mistake it for a real high class bed. And if you have a group of cats you can easily create hut stacks so your cats can play with each other and you can save up on space. Continue reading


pEi Pod: Hip homes for happy pets



pEi Pods are stylish, durable beds for the cool Kitty and trend-setting Pup. Inspired from a hatching egg, their elliptical shape is sleek and modern offering a cave-like sanctuary for your beloved pet. Apart from providing a safe and relaxing spot for your dog or cat, these beds will add a contemporary touch to any living space, almost like an item for display – Hip homes for happy pets. Continue reading


Decorative Cat Pod: The ideal Rest Spot


Some things will swipe you off your feet as they are so adorable and heart capturing. The Decorative Cat Pod is one of those items – a pet bed that is so darn cute and adorable. It’s constructed of a durable steel frame wrapped in a tasteful medium brown resin Rhino Wicker for years of enjoyment and durability. Finally your cat will have the ideal rest spot. Continue reading