Fundle Ultimate Pet Sling: Close To Your Heart


Well, you want your little furry friend as close to you as possible, and it’s only natural when you’re out on the town to keep it safe and protected. The Ultimate Pet Sling, from Fundle, will do just that. This stylish carrier is a combination of a messenger bag and a pet sling – perfect for small dogs and cats. Continue reading


Aviator Carrier: Perfect for Dogs and cats


Although a lot of us have the notion that traveling with our pet means either to hold it in our hands when necessary, or put it in the back seat where they can just hang out – it is not exactly true. We definitely need more than that – a reliable carrier, like the Aviator is basically what we’re looking for.

The padded design holds its shape giving your pet plenty of room; the top is removable and converts into a cozy sleeping area; this removable top also makes the Aviator the easiest carrier to clean. Two seat belt loops help secure it to your car seat, while driving to the vet or simply on vacation. And most importantly, the Aviator is a comfortable carrier both for you and your pet, whether you’re a dog or a cat person. Continue reading


Pet Tube Car Kennel


Pet Tube is a cylindrical car kennel for transporting your dog or cat safely, while keeping the car seats clean and the driver undistracted. It’s made from a collapsible ballistic nylon tube, that is both super strong and lightweight – Simply clip it to your car seat headrests via the adjustable straps, let Fido in, close the opening and you’re good to go. Continue reading


Kittywalk Sport Stroller


With a detachable carrier for cats and small dogs, the Kittywalk stroller doubles both as a stroller and pet carrier. It’s lightweight yet strong and is easy to maneuver on most surfaces, even with one hand! It’s also the perfect solution for cat owners who enjoy being outdoors and would love to give Kitty that freedom and keep her safe at the same time. Continue reading


KittyWalk Royale Classic


The ‘Royale Classic’ is not just a hand-crafted elegant stroller designed to look like a luxurious piece of luggage (as the KittyWalk Royale), it is also multi-functional, serving both as a stroller as well as a portable pet carrier – Perrrrfect for pampered cats and small dogs up to 35 lbs. Continue reading


Kittywalk Royale


Resembling a luxurious piece of fine luggage, the Kittywalk Royale is the ‘Mercedes’ of pet strollers. It’s a beautifully elegant hand-crafted stroller, that folds with the use of only one hand – Perfect for the ultimate pampered pet when only the very best will do! Continue reading


Pet Comfort Carrier


The wonderful Comfort Carrier, from Bergan, is intended to make travel as easy and as relaxed as possible for both you and your pet. Being airline approved for in-cabin travel, this super light and portable carrier is designed especially to be carried through busy airports, featuring a padded shoulder strap and many convenient pockets all around. Continue reading


Feline pet carriers Whisker City


I really like the feline pet carrier by Whisker City; it’s whimsical and colorful, the perfect feline carrier, keeping your pet safe when you’re on the move. While kitty is kept entertained with the cutest bird game inside the cat carrier, you can use the carrying handles on each side to carry them both across town. Continue reading


Stylish pet carriers RocketBowl


The Rocket Bowl stylish pet carriers are made from vinyl so now your pet can come along to the bowling ally. These stylish carriers can also be used as cat carriers or feline pet carriers, so your cat can come too. Continue reading


Feline Pet Carriers SherpaBag


The Original Sherpa Bag Deluxe is a great feline pet carrier. Designed for travel, these cat and dog carriers can also be used as over the shoulder bags with an adjustable shoulder strap that doubles as leash, perfect for long distance or just around town. Continue reading


Feline pet carriers Herringbone


All cat lovers know that a feline pet carrier is a must, since getting your pet to the vet or just for travel is not as easy as it seems. keep in mind, one feline carrier for each adult cat. Continue reading


Stylish pet carriers Sleepypod


The Sleepypod carrier by Meowme, will pamper your pet in a luxurious ultra plush and foam for those special outings. This iPod style bag can be used as a fancy cat carrier or a mobile bed for small dogs, so from now on, you can carry your pet everywhere you go without cramping your style. Continue reading