K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House


The K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House was designed to make sleeping outside a dry, warm and comfortable experience for your cat. It is ideal if your cat likes to sleep in the garage, barn or on the porch or any other sheltered area. The Kitty House is waterproof and comes with two entrances with removable flap doors. To keep the house nice and warm the Kitty House comes with a Lectro-Soft bed – a thermostatically controlled, ortho-foam, indoor/outdoor heating pet pad. Continue reading


Catissa Cat House


If you are looking for an indoor entertainment system for your cats that is also an attractive piece of modern architecture then the Catissa Cat House is for you. The Catissa Cat House is composed of four uniquely shaped wooden modules that are bound together to create an elongated house for your feline friend. Each module has three openings- a square, a circle and a pentagon. There’s lots of room for the cats to jump up and down between the modules and also space for them to just relax on one of the surfaces. Continue reading


K-banette and Kokon Pet Houses


Designed by Sebastian Haquet and Thomas Lanthier from Pousse Creative, the K-banette and Kokon are chic, modern and multi-functional shelters for pets. Their unique design enables you to have a little plant garden on top of the pet house. You can place 4 flowerpots (that come with the package) on the top of the house and enjoy a little bit of nature. The pet homes themselves are cozy little designer abodes suitable for cats or small dogs. Continue reading


Outdoor Cat House: Even stray cats need love


We take care of our pets and consider them as part of the family, but there are lots of stray cats who don’t have this privilege and need to find a place of shelter when weather gets cold and wet. This wonderful insulated outdoor cat house, by Feline furniture, is the perfect solution for keeping street cats safe and dry. Continue reading


Princess Palace & Kings Kastle: Just like in the furrytales


We all want to make our pets feel like they are the most precious thing in the world. Sometimes it’s premium food, a new toy or even a new shampoo to make them smell divine. But what about making them feel like a real royal family member? The Princess Palace & Kings Kastle is one of the best ways to make it happen!

These adorable pet houses are available in two different colors: Pink for our spoiled princess, or Blue for our brave king! So if you want to bring joy and happiness to your dog or cat get them one of these forts, and don’t forget to put a sign on the door saying: …and they lived happily ever after. Continue reading


Cat Castle: There’s a Lady in the House


We all need a place that is ours, our own private domain. The Cat Castle is the perfect principality for your cat; it’s made with cardboard and comes with a comfortable carpet roof for sitting and lounging.

This decorative cat house ships flat and is easy to assemble; the graphics printed on the side let creative minds of children, and adults, go wild personalizing their pets’ new home. In a nutshell, this is something any cat would simply love. Finally, Kitty can be ‘King or Queen of the castle’. Continue reading


The Kitty Tube: Indoor Outdoor Cat House


Here is something completely fresh and new – The Kitty Tube – a fully insulated indoor outdoor cat house. The revolutionary Kitty Tube provides a safe, economical, and maintenance free shelter for cats.

Designed for either indoor or outdoor use, it is fully insulated to be cool in the summer and ultra warm in the winter. It includes a custom, machine washable pet bed for the floor, the built in lifting handles can be adjusted to supply full flow through ventilation for the summer, and closed for the winter, and it will also protect your cat from predators. This is literally your cat’s comfort zone. Continue reading


Loyal Luxe Cat Houses: Totally Outside The Box


Some things are just too darn cute. Check out the Loyal Luxe Cardboard Cat Houses, they are just too good to be true. The fact is that cats are naturally attracted to cardboard boxes or paper bags; add in loads of imagination and there you have it – Two amazing cardboard houses for cats, kittens and small dogs: The Canadian Cabin and The Native American Teepee. Continue reading


Cat Cottage Triplex


Check out this triplex home for multiple cats by ‘Blythe Wood Works’. It has three separate compartments, large enough to comfortably house three to six cats, depending on their size, and an upper suite with a lounging ledge for the ‘big cat’ (which also serves as a weather shelter for the bottom two door entrances). Continue reading


KatKabin Cat House


The KatKabin is a stylish, outdoor shelter for cats. With a front door flap for easy access and a light, tubular shape, this cat house will provide comfort and security to the independent tabby as well as the aristocratic pedigree, while you can be rest assured that your feline companion is perfectly safe and protected till your return. Continue reading


Houses for Dogs & Cats by DenHaus


Living with pets doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sacrifice your pets comfort in order to keep your interior home design contemporary and stylish. Having said that, I wanted to let you know about a small design company, based in Seattle by the name of DenHaus, offering a great collection of houses for your dog or cat. “Homes for pets. Designs for people.” Continue reading


The Cool Pet House


The award-winning Cool Pet House is a high-tech home for your dog or cat, featuring LED interior lighting as well as a thermostat control and inbuilt humidifiers for keeping your pet home at just the right temperature. Continue reading


Cat house by Mathieu Lehanneur


This cat house by Paris based designer, Mathieu Lehanneur is the city cat house; flexible and modular, freed from the typologies of human habitat. Continue reading