Cat Litter Locker: Odorless


As much as we love our cats, cleaning their litter box is not the most pleasurable task of the day, to say the least. That’s why every cat owner should have the Litter Locker – to make the most unpleasant task, easy and quick to deal with.

So how does it work? Simply open the lid and scoop in the soiled litter, close the lid and pull the handle; release the handle to lock in odors and bacteria. As simple as that. Continue reading


Cat Washroom Bench: Private Part


It’s true that when we think about our pets’ natural needs, we often think about it as an outdoor activity. However, we all know that with most cats it’s different – this is an indoor activity. Nevertheless, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be private – Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Cat Washroom Bench – an attractive cover to hide away the litter box and confine all litter mess inside, while providing useful space for various organizing options. Continue reading


Cat Chateau Litter Cover: Big Deal


This is a matter of approach, but sometimes, it is best to make a big deal out of something most of us would like to hide. The Cat Chateau is a very classy and elegant litter cover, providing an attractive way to conceal your cat’s litter tray.

Durably constructed of a natural-looking PVC material, this stylish piece of furniture has all the charm of wicker and won’t absorb fluids or odors. The frame is made from sturdy powder coated steel; the hinged front panel allows easy access; the posh rooftop doubles as a comfortable resting pad. Well, this is in fact a big deal. Continue reading


TownHaus Litter Box Cabinet: Your Cat’s Bestroom


Sometimes a litter box is just a simple box – meaning, there’s a limited range for you to toy around and play with this item; however the TownHaus succeeded in taking this item to the top, by presenting the very best you can and should have for your cat litter box. This versatile litter box cabinet blends smoothly into any home decor, while giving your cat the perfect place to hide out. Handcrafted from solid wood, the TownHaus is a durable yet classic looking piece of pet furniture your cat can use for years to come. Continue reading


Designer Catbox Cabinet: Private Piece


For cat owners the litter box is always an issue. Where should we put it? Is it safe enough there? Is it far away enough from any other visitors, (a.k.a.: dogs and kids)? When I discovered the Designer Catbox litter box cabinet, I thought to myself that I found the answer to all my worries. It’s the perfect solution for both me and my cat. Continue reading


Paus Pet Bench: Pet Perfect


This cottage-style bench by Sauder, addresses all needs you and your cat might have, with a unique all in one piece of furniture, perfectly designed for a cat or a family of cats. It features a water resistant painted fiberboard and a comfortable size to fit in your house: 26.5” H x 48” W x 14.5” D, a tufted cushioned bench seat for your cat to nap comfortably, a hidden litter area with privacy door, and storage shelves for all your pet supplies. Continue reading


Under Cover: KattySaks Litter Box Cover


‘KattySaks’ have excelled themselves with the selection of designs for their litter tray covers that take away the eyesore of that “necessary” box in your home. This ingenious concept is definitely something to talk about when your friends come to visit. Continue reading


High Jump: Cat Bookcase Climber


Most cats love to jump and climb onto household furniture and this attractive pet bookcase climber allows them to do just that and much more. This unique furniture item, made in conjunction with Sauder, the well known furniture manufacturer, is the perfect all-in-one unit for your cat or family of cats. Continue reading


Cat In The Box: Cat Quarters


The Cat Quarters is functional and convenient for you and your pet. This stylish litter box cabinet combines food and water bowls, litter box enclosure and lounge top all in one luxurious piece of furniture. Constructed from a wood alternative, which is highly durable and resistant to moisture, the unit is well designed to suit a spacious family room or a corner in a small apartment. Continue reading


Chateau Looey Litter Box Cover


Keep the litter inside their little house instead of yours, with the fun and decorative Chateau Looey house cover – An adorable lightweight and durable litter box cover, that can also be used as a cat hideaway or a cozy space for an afternoon nap. Made of heavy grade corrugated cardboard, this charming collection of houses consists of six different designs; they are shipped flat and can be assembled in seconds.

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Cat Litter Box Cabinet


Not only is the dark mahogany Pet Studio Cabinet a beautiful, multi-functional piece of furniture, it’s also the perfect way to hide your cat litter box. This classic cabinet features antique-brass colored pull knobs, a storage drawer and two paneled doors with magnetized closures, so you could easily clean your cat’s litter box. The side opening allows cats to enter and exit comfortably and discretely.

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Modern Litter Box Furniture


Whether a litter box cover or a stylish pet bed, there is no denying that this elegant litter box furniture by Modern Cat Designs, will fit the classy kitty as well as their fashion conscious owner. This modern piece of furniture can be easily assembled in under 20 minutes. It fits the standard large size litter pans, making it perfect for two cats or many common pillow sizes in case you’ll be using it as a fancy cat bed.

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Hidden Cat Litter Box


As long as your cat doesn’t tell, no one would know there’s actually a litter box hidden inside this Tuscany hand finish clay pot, completed with an attractive, artificial decorative plant. This roomy litter box cover has its entrance turned to the wall to keep it hidden from view, while providing your cat with some extra privacy. Continue reading


Wicker Litter Box Cover


Here’s a classy cat litter box furniture you wouldn’t mind placing in any room. This faux wicker piece of furniture will conceal your cat litter pan in a tasteful crate style with a timeless design. You can also use it as a decorative bed side table, while Kitty can relax in her new fancy cat bed.

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