Kittyblock Cat Scratcher


The Kittyblock Scratcher is a wonderful invention that will provide your cat with hours of entertainment. It is made from corrugated fiberboard which your cat can lay on, scratch and play with. It has eight different scratching surfaces so when Kitty is done with one you can easily turn the block over. Also, once you change the angle of the block your pet gets a whole new game that can engage him or her for hours. Continue reading


Sebastian Cat Tree


The Sebastian Cat Tree is a beautiful and modern take on the traditional cat tree. It has everything your feline friend needs to be entertained for hours on end – six separate levels to jump up and down on, a scratching pad on the first level to keep his or her claws in shape, carpeted spaces for sleeping or lounging on the second and fourth levels and a fun cubby hole to hide in on the second level (the cubby hole is 7.5″” wide x 8″” high and is also suitable for large cats). Continue reading


Modular Cat Condos: cats love boxes


If you have feisty and energetic cats that love to play, the Modular Cat Condos are a wonderful game that they can enjoy for hours each day. The Condos were designed by Catty Stacks who realized that cats love boxes (more than the gifts within them) and that it would be a great idea to make customized boxes that meet their needs. To this end, the Condos are made from Eco-friendly, industrial-strength Corrugated Ultraboard and are incredibly durable. They are so strong that even when cats scratch them, they don’t shred like other boxes. Continue reading


Modern Cat Tower: Contoure


If you are looking for a an ‘out of the box’ cat tree – look no further. WhiskerStudio, a North California based design company, created the Contoure Cat Tower which completely redefines what a cat tree looks like. As the name implies, the Contoure has soft fluid curves that give it a distinct contemporary look. With a small footprint, it is ideal for small spaces or apartments. Continue reading


Lui + Vigo Cat Scratchers: Scratch. Play. Sleep.


Watching your cats having a good time is an especially rewarding experience. Unfortunately, very often one of their favorite places to sharpen their claws is your couch. Now, Modko, a Brooklyn based design-house together with myKitty from Poland, are offering an alternative that cats adore. Two beautifully designed pieces of modern furniture that cats can scratch, play, rest and sleep on. The one piece is called Lui and the other Vigo. Continue reading


Cat Tree houses


Shelley and Joe Delrocco from Florida couldn’t find a tree house that they liked so they designed one themselves. Their goal was to make a functional and aesthetic solution that would bring the outside – inside. Their creation was such a success that people started commissioning them to make tree houses and before they know it was their full time business.

The tree houses are unique in that they are made from real trees and when cats climb on them they enjoy the natural movement of the trees. This movement encourages the cats to jump around ensuring that they get the exercise they need. Another important advantage is that it draws their attention away from human furniture. Continue reading


Modular Cat Climbing Wall: the ultimate play station


The Modular Cat Climbing Wall is the ultimate designer ‘cat gymboree’. You can place different activity components on the climbing wall and give your cats hours of playing fun each day. While the system is sleek and stylish and looks as if you got it custom made, in actual fact you can easily assemble it yourself. Continue reading


Calypso Cat Scratcher


Calypso, such a beautiful name… For those of you who do not know, Calypso was a nymph in Greek mythology, who is most famous for her role in Homer’s Odyssey, in which she keeps Odysseus on her island for several years. Well, in that spirit, this cat scratching post will also keep your cat pretty busy, and while most cat scratchers aren’t too lovely to look at, this one looks pretty good. Continue reading


Cat Hammock and Scratcher: Enjoy the easy life


We all love our little furry friends, but it’s extremely annoying when they start scratching every piece of furniture we’ve got. I’ve searched all over the place for a good cat scratcher that will satisfy their needs, and then I found the Cat Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher. This fun item is really amazing all because it’s not just a scratcher but also a perfect place for taking an afternoon nap. Continue reading


Cat Tower Hideout: Catropolis!


I love cats and one of my biggest problems is that I always need to buy more and more beds for them, and for a lot of beds you’ll need a lot of room. That’s why I love the Cat Tower Hideout, offering a comfortable and decorative space, both for sleep and play, for our feline friends! Continue reading


Multi-Level Cat Climber: Step Up


Cats tend to climb over just about anything; from your kitchen table to your favorite couch. If you’re just about ready to give up on your furniture, try the Multi-Level Cat Climber, from Smartcat – the ultimate solution for your cat’s needs.

This smart climber hangs on any standard door using a spring-loaded bracket system, that makes it easy to move from room to room. Made of durable wood the unit will withstand years of use, featuring a natural sisal post which is ideal for scratching. It’s also great for climbing, playing, and sleeping, and can accommodate a number of cats. It’s time to step up and climb to a whole new level. Continue reading


Cat Bunk Bed & Playroom: The World of Bootsie


Our kittens need a place to play and sleep, so why not combine the two together? Bootsie’s Bunk Bed and Playroom is the perfect solution for cat owners. Not only is it gorgeous and adorable, but also functional for both you and your cat.

This sturdy wood structure serves as a fully functional playhouse. The Velcro perimeter on the underside of the sisal covering attaches firmly in place and the whole unit then slides easily onto the playroom frame. That’s not all, The handy roof accessory provides Kitty with yet another healthy and popular feline activity – scratching. This setup has got it all – Welcome to the world of Bootsie. Continue reading


Deluxe Double Cat Perch: Resting & Nesting


The Deluxe Double Cat Perch is a great piece of furniture for a family of cats. Not only it has multi usage for resting and playing, but it could also serve as a decorative item in the house with its elegant stylish design, combining fine wood work with suede. The lounging areas are big enough even for the largest cat – 20 in. x 13 in, and on top of everything else, this set also comes with a scratching surface to keep your cat happy and content. The perfect place for your cats to hang out – resting and nesting. Continue reading


Leap and Sleep Cat Tree: Come Up for a Nap


The Leap and Sleep Cat Tree is the ultimate solution for cat owners. This is a unique, portable piece of furniture with multi-level platforms and plush synthetic fur beds, providing your cat with ideal lounging and landing places. The attractive mahogany finish blends well with any decor and the sisal-wrapped cross members provide secure climbing as well as scratching surfaces. Your cat could literally jump and come up for a nap. Continue reading