Orthopedic Dog Sofa Bed


Your dog will love this ultra comfortable sofa bed. It comes with a sturdy wooden frame, a durable, super soft faux leather upholstery with an orthopedic memory foam that relieves pressure points for maximum comfort and a matching ottoman – Perfect for large dogs as well as for older or challenged dogs. Continue reading


Pet Bambu Hammocks


If you are looking for a dog or cat bed that your pet will love to sleep in and that also has some extra chic to it that compliments the design of your home, then you should look into the Pet Bambu Hammocks. The Bambu Hammocks have a clean modern design that showcases the natural beauty of the bamboo and a simple elegance that makes it stand out. Continue reading


Enchanted Home Small Dog Snuggle Bed


If your small dog is into stylish lounging, the Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle Bed was made for him or her. This small bed has a beautiful and elegant look to it and is fabulously comfortable. Just look at these cuties (more photos below) – aren’t they gorgeous? Continue reading


Wine Barrel Dog Bed: classic country style


If you love the smell of wood and the appealing look of wine barrels, then the Wine Barrel Dog Bed is a piece of furniture that you will adore. It is Eco-friendly made from retired white oak wine barrel and solid white pine. It is a sturdy bed that is bound to last for years. It’s circular shape and wooden wall protection make it an ideal place for your favorite four legged friend to get some good quality rest and relaxation. Just looking at it makes you want to take a nap. Continue reading


M.PUP Dog House Sofa: Share A Small Space


Korean designer Seungji Mun created this extraordinary piece of contemporary furniture for M. Pup. The goal of the design was to merge the living spaces of humans and animals into a single piece of furniture. The Dog House Sofa takes into account the territorial needs of pets and gives them their own ‘room with a view’. Continue reading


Dog House Set: Naturaly Comfortable


The Six Hands dog house set is a beautiful piece of modern and minimalistic design. It uniquely combines two very important elements that your dog needs- a shelter that gives your four legged friend a sense of their own space and a comfortable bed to lie and relax on. Continue reading


Suite Pet Bed: Italian design for pets


There is something about Italian design that just makes it stand out. Even from a distance you can appreciate its clean lines, elegance and quality. The Suite Pet Bed is no exception. It was made by Chiavari – an Italian company specializing in luxury furniture and interiors since 1969. The company recently launched the FORMA Italia line which focuses on creating innovative furniture for pets. Continue reading


Better Buddies Donut Beds: Smart, chic & eco-friendly


This soft, warm and comfortable pet bed was made by Better Buddies, founded by Mike Grady, Julie Grady and William Busch. The three entrepreneurs were frustrated with the low-quality and mediocrity of the pet products they saw and wanted to produce environmentally friendly, high-quality and chic creations. Not only are their designs smart and beautiful, 10% of their profits go to the Best Friends Animal Society’s Guardian Angel Program – a nonprofit organization that helps finding homes for pets with the most severe special needs. Continue reading


Loop Luxury House for Gino the Dog


The Loop Luxury Dog House was designed by Turkish design company Gaia & Gino. While the name might sound like a pair of designers, in actual fact Gaia is the nickname of founder Gaye Cevikel, and Gino is her beloved Golden Retriever. The love is so deep that she designed a collection for pets called “Gino the Dog”. One of her latest designs is this comfortable and portable dog house made for small to medium sized pooches. Continue reading


Rocking-2-gether Chair


American architect Paul Kweton had a rocking idea- to combine a traditional rocking chair with a pet house. His hybrid creation is called the Rocking-2-gether chair 2.1. As Kweton states: “The idea behind the design was to combine shelter and body relaxation and to push its functionality to a different, more personal level”. The execution is simply brilliant. Continue reading


NESTo Pet Beds: a designer piece that you will adore


The NESTo Pet Beds, designed by Canadian-based Georgia Houston, beautifully combine form and function. What is wonderful about this bed is that it is highly customizable and lets you create a relaxing place for your pet that perfectly matches the decor of your home. The beds have two parts- an elegant square shaped outer bed and an inner polyurethane foam mattress covered by high quality fabric. The one mattress cover is called CORA and the other FoFURDO, and they are both available in a wide variety of colors. Continue reading


Designer Pet Blankets: Natural Wool Throws


In some places it can get quite chilly in the evenings even in summertime, and dont we all like to snuggle with a luxurious wool throw to keep us warm and cozy. This set of blankets from Mutts & Hounds is just beautiful with a bit of that old-school, English countryside charm – perfect for spoiling your dog or cat or simply compliment any room in your home. Continue reading


New York Dog House Beds: Dream house for pooch


I really love my dog and I always get top products for him, lately I’ve noticed that his old bed is not what it used to be, so I threw it away and replaced it with one of the New York Dog House Beds. Needless to say that ever since all he want to do is stay in bed. These gorgeous designer beds come in two beautiful designs: Sweet Dreams and Strip Cabana, so you can decide which one fits best with your home decor. Continue reading


FouFou Dog Donut Bed Set: and you’re all set


It’s nice to have a bed set, where everything matches in fabric, color, and style. So why not get one for your pet, too?! It’s time to get rid of those old blankets and get your dog or cat a proper sleeping quarter. This is a great deal and the best thing about it – one click of a button and you’re all set. Continue reading