Dog bed Chic Daybed


Luxury dog beds that will look really nice in a Victorian interior design style home are not that easy to find. That is why this luxury dog bed called Doggie Chic Daybed will give both you and your dog a good night sleep. Continue reading


Designer pet beds by Petbitat


These designer pet beds are a part of the Invisible Collection by Petbitat. These ultra-modern dog beds are made of a half moon of sturdy 8mm acrylic that’s water resistant and shields from chilly drafts. These pet beds are perfect for pets that love to snuggle up when they sleep. Continue reading


Country Hammock Pet Bed


Check out this pet bed in case you’re going for that Survival look for your dog bed or cat bed. The Country Hammock Pet Bed is a solid birch cozy hammock for small dogs and cats. Continue reading


Car pet beds for small dogs


It’s time to replace your dog pet bed to a cool dog bed. These pet beds are designed as a Furrari Bed or as an NYC Taxi Bed; from a parody of the infamous Italian sports cars to a throwback to the most common mode of transportation in NYC, these unique dog beds are cool for any car ride loving pooch. Continue reading


Wave dog bed by Hepper


The Wave dog bed by Hepper is a micro-suede bed that’s a flying carpet of coziness.
This dog bed, hammock-like perch, keeps your dog or cat warm in the winter time or cool in summer time. Continue reading


Holden dog bed


Tired of the dog bed “pillow on a rug” style? Why should you or your dog settle for anything less than a stylish, one of a kind, luxury dog bed… Continue reading


Dog beds by Hepper


Hepper’s dog beds or cat beds come in various bed shapes and sizes, such as: Pod, Podium, Nest, Wave and Pad. The Pod dog bed or cat bed is your pet’s own personal sanctuary. It offers the security of a mountaintop cave – a perfect place for curling up to snooze, hide, or reign supreme, with way more style. Continue reading


Designer pet beds by Vurv

designer-dog-bed.jpgVurv pet beds will make a great gift for your dog. Their Wowo Dog Pod will compliment any room without interfering with your home interior design style and give your dog a great designer bed to sleep on. I’m sure your cat will be happy to use it too.

The Wowo pooch bed is based upon the notion that pet furniture and accessories should blend seamlessly into your home. I mean, my two large dogs are slumped on a large mattress in the corner of our living room; Owning a pet doesn’t have to mean throwing good taste out the window. Continue reading


Luxury dog beds by Poochie


Luxury dog beds can be found at Beverly Hills Poochie. It’s time to spice up your dog bed to a luxurious designer dog bed. All you need to do is choose between Poochie’s original Collection or Couture Collection; from a true Hollywood sophisticated luxury dog bed to a glamorous Chenille chaise Hepburn style dog bed, you name it. Continue reading