PupSaver Safety Seat For Dogs


Dogs need car seats for the same reasons human beings do. In the event of a sudden stop or a collision, a loose dog can be easily injured and can also injure others. To protect your loved ones there is a simple and comfortable solution – the PupSaver Safety Seat For Dogs. Continue reading


Auto Grass Console Cover: keeping pooch in the backseat


It can be very dangerous if your pet disturbs you while you are driving. Some dogs like to poke their heads through the console of the car and there are those who just make their way onto the front seat. Until now the best solutions were gates or dividers but the problem with them is that sometimes your dog might jump over the barrier or somehow get through it. The Auto Grass is a simple and stylish solution that keeps your pet away from the front seat so that he or she can’t distract you. Continue reading


Dog Backseat Bridge: Sit Ubu sit, good dog


Taking your dog in the car isn’t always simple. If you have a larger dog or more than one, the backseat is often not spacious enough. Sometimes if the ride isn’t smooth, your favorite four legged friend can slide off the car seat and onto the floor. Another danger is that sometimes your dog wants to explore the car and he makes his way through the space between the two front seats onto your lap. A great solution for all of these problems is Kurgo’s Dog Backseat Bridge. Continue reading


Travel Pod: Keep your pet safe and your car clean


I love taking Pooch for a ride in the car, and he loves it too. He’s so excited sometimes he simply can’t sit still. Have you ever tried driving while a small Yorkshire Terrier keeps jumping and running around? Don’t! It’s quite dangerous and dirtys up your car seats. So what we really need is a car seat for small dogs, just like the Travel Pod from Hamish McBeth. Continue reading


Tagalong Pet Booster Seat: Join the Ride


Taking our pet for a ride should be fun. With the Tagalong Pet Booster Seat it is guaranteed to be happy times for you and your dog.

The unique design of the Tagalong supports the seat, providing an unobstructed view and more comfortable ride for pets – with no clumsy straps to get in the their way. It installs securely in one minute and even works in the back seat (requires headrests) – It’s time to let your pet come join the ride. Just look at that Dachshund, isn’t he gorgeous? Continue reading


Cadillac & Snoozer Collection: Excellent Team


When two of the best meet, you’re guaranteed to get the best of the best! This is exactly what happened here – America’s finest car brand, Cadillac, teamed up with Snoozer to create a collection for you and your pet; from consoles to car seats and carriers, this luxury collection features the finest quality and detail, the ‘creme de la creme’ for both dog and pet owner.

This wonderful collection blends wonderfully with vehicle interiors, and goes a long way as far as elegance, style and quality are concerned. Secure your small dog with either a console or a luxurious seat, or even take your tiny Pooch in a special bag. Anyway you look at it – this is an excellence team. Continue reading


Stow & Go Pet Car Seat: As Easy as 1, 2, 3


Any beginner traveler knows that the key to comfortable and easy travel is efficiency, easy accessibility and light packing. The Stow & Go car seat is the way you want to go as far as traveling with your pet is concerned.

This patented 3 in 1 car seat secures to the back seat with a seat belt creating a safe environment for any dog, converts into a bed and can also be used as a suitcase so pet owners can bring all of their pet accessories for their trip. A perfect travel solution, this great item by Snoozer gives dogs a safe and comfortable place to ride, while on the go. The car seat elevates pet 10” to enjoy view and it is easy to secure to back seat with seat belt. It is easy as 1, 2, 3. Continue reading


Lookout Pet Car Seat: Buckle Up


Here is a fact of life – traveling with your dog inside the car, as much it is fun, is not safe for both you or your pet. The Lookout Car Seat is the solution you’re looking for. This is a patented booster seat that secures via your car’s safety belt. Equipped with an integral safety strap that attaches to your dog’s harness, it keeps your dog comfortable, stationary and safe while allowing the perfect lookout at the view passing by. All that’s left is to choose your color, fabric and buckle up. Continue reading


Aviator Carrier: Perfect for Dogs and cats


Although a lot of us have the notion that traveling with our pet means either to hold it in our hands when necessary, or put it in the back seat where they can just hang out – it is not exactly true. We definitely need more than that – a reliable carrier, like the Aviator is basically what we’re looking for.

The padded design holds its shape giving your pet plenty of room; the top is removable and converts into a cozy sleeping area; this removable top also makes the Aviator the easiest carrier to clean. Two seat belt loops help secure it to your car seat, while driving to the vet or simply on vacation. And most importantly, the Aviator is a comfortable carrier both for you and your pet, whether you’re a dog or a cat person. Continue reading


Pet Wheel Around: All Over the Place


Traveling with your dog or cat is like traveling with a child – a lot to think about in advance, and a lot of items to pack in order to get around. The Pet Wheel Around could save you some packing and worrying. This is a stylish wheeled carrier, which can also serve as a comfortable pet bed, backpack and car seat all in one.

This great carrier features a durable quilted micro-fiber body, a sturdy telescoping handle that is hand-friendly, and padded backpack straps that tuck away when not in use. On top of everything, it easily folds in for storage. This is a 4 in 1 product that will take you and your pet all over the place. Continue reading


3-in-1 Bike Basket Carrier Car Seat: All Set


Imagine yourself a carrier bag for your pet that simply does it all. By that, we mean, it takes into consideration almost any situation that you’d need to carry your cat or dog, and addresses it with a sleek design and colors to choose from. No need to imagine anymore, this is the 3-in-1 Bike Basket Carrier Car Seat. This is the most convenient way to travel with your small pet.

You can carry it over your shoulder while you shop; secure it with the seat belt in your car for a safe trip to the vet or take it on a plane while going on vacation. It has two pouches and zippered pockets, fleece pad with internal tether to keep pet safely inside and 600 denier nylon shell with sturdy floor and sides. However you use it and wherever you go – you’re all set. Continue reading


Sleepypod Air Carrier: Jet Set Pet


The scenario of ‘how shall we carry (complete your pet’s name) in the plane…’ is very familiar to us pet owners. Nothing is right, carrying them in the cage seems too distant, uncomfortable and cruel, while carrying them on our hands the entire time is just not a realistic option…

When I discovered Sleepypod Air I realized that my troubles are over, as I found my ultimate carrier for my little pet. It is both an airline approved pet carrier and a mobile bed, that fits perfectly in airplanes or cars for pets up to 17.7 pound. Continue reading


Dog Leash + Seat Belt Latch


The Quick Control Leash is no ordinary dog lead. It has an integrated, universal seat belt connector that prevents your dog from moving around and distracting you while driving, allowing you to travel with your dog safely and conveniently. Continue reading


Pet Tube Car Kennel


Pet Tube is a cylindrical car kennel for transporting your dog or cat safely, while keeping the car seats clean and the driver undistracted. It’s made from a collapsible ballistic nylon tube, that is both super strong and lightweight – Simply clip it to your car seat headrests via the adjustable straps, let Fido in, close the opening and you’re good to go. Continue reading