How’s Your Dog Snakeskin Collar: bling!


If you and your pet love to accessorize then the How’s Your Dog Snakeskin Collar Collection is a must have. With the Snakeskin Collar the name of your cat or dog is written in bold letters using Swarovski crystals and can’t be missed. The collar is made from stylish imitation snake skin and is available in seven fabulous colors- white, red, metallic silver, black, metallic gold, pink and blue. Continue reading


Clickit Safety Harness: seat belt for you dog


As a responsible pet owner, you should consider investing in a ‘seat belt’ for you dog. Tragically, every year, thousands of dogs are seriously injured and even die from being loose in a car during a collision or from jumping out of the window. During a sudden stop or in an accident an unsecured dog becomes like a missile- which is extremely dangerous for the dog and for other passengers as well.

The good news is that securing your dog in the car has never been easier. With the Clickit Utility Harness you can quickly buckle in your pet and enjoy the ride. Continue reading


Dog Bandana Collar by Wildebeest


If you and your dog love accessories, then you will both absolutely adore these stylish Dog Bandana Collars. It is a standard collar that has two layers of triangular fabric securely sewn onto it. The fabrics are arranged in such a way that the top layer is dominant and the bottom layer elegantly peeks through. The top and bottom layers are interchangeable so that you have two looks in a single collar. Smashing! Continue reading


GlowDoggie: Glow In The Dark Dog Collar


One of the best ways to protect your dog from night time danger is to get him or her an illuminated dog collar. Just like cyclists or joggers wear glow in the dark gear, so too dogs need to be visible so that cars and other potential threats don’t harm them. One of the best quality dog collars on the market today is the GlowDoggie collar. It is made in Germany and is renowned for high quality and durability. The collar has Superflux LEDS that have a lifespan of 150,000 hours which is about 17 years! Continue reading


Quack Dog Muzzle: super cute


There a many reasons why dogs need to wear muzzles. Sometimes they have a tendency to bite, sometimes they are injured and it stops them from making the wound worse and sometimes it stops them from chewing on furniture when they are suffering from separation anxiety. Unfortunately, most muzzles look aggressive and uninviting. The Quack Dog Muzzle is the complete opposite and totally redefines how muzzles look and feel. Continue reading


Dean & Tyler Leather Dog Harnesses: Warriors and Knights


The harness you choose for your dog is a very important decision. It becomes a type of ‘security blanket’ for your dog and is also a very important factor in the way you communicate and connect with each other. Through the harness you educate your four legged friend what behavior is appropriate and guide him or her where and when to go. Continue reading


Brass Name Plate Dog Collar: A Piece Of Jewelry


Lisa Greene, a US-based jewelry designer, finally found her calling when she started to design accessories for pets (and jewelry for humans who love their pets). All of her pieces are handmade with unparalleled attention to detail and craftsmanship. For smaller dogs she has designed a beautiful collar that comes with either one or two brass plates. You can customize the collar by engraving your dog’s name and or telephone number. The plates are made from solid brass and the engraving is made deep within the brass to ensure that it will last for a very long time. Continue reading


Halo Mini Pet Collar: simply smart


The HALO Mini Pet Collar was created by the HALO Belt Company, a San Francisco-based design enterprise founded by Vincent Pilot Ng. The idea is simply smart. Just as neon belts and other accessories are used by us humans to keep us out of harm’s way, so too an illuminated collar ensures that our pet is visible at all times and this keeps him or her safe. Continue reading


Dog Caller: Saves lives


The Dog Caller (no, this is not a misprint…) would just might save your dog’s life. Temperature can sometimes be quite unsteady and if you leave your dog in the car (which I never do) for just a couple of minutes while you pop in to the store, or even in a stuffy apartment, this might turn out to be a matter of life or death.

This scenario happened to Aaron Starkman who came out of the store to find his golden retriever struggling in the heat. Thankfully this awful expereince lead him to invent a heat sensing dog collar that texts your cellphone when the temperature is too hot for a pooch to handle. Continue reading


Lights Up Leash: Illuminated


The Pup Crawl Lights-Up Leash is a wonderful pet accessory. It’s actually a colorful dog leash that can be seen from one-quarter mile away in the dark – perfect for dog owners and their pets who want to see and be seen. Continue reading


Dog Harness Coat: Royal English Flair


Give your dog a royal English flair with these designer harness coats by Mutts & Hounds. Available from Extra Small to Large, you can take your pick from three adorable styles: the Red Dachshund print, to the Balmoral Check Tweed (expertly crafted in Yorkshire woolen mills since 1837), or the Union Jack (in case you’re feeling patriotic). Continue reading


hands free dog leash: run with your dog


The hands free dog leash is easy, safe and handy – the perfect accessory for runners and walkers who like to take their dog with them for their daily workout.

This great set will allow your hands to move freely, keeping you in a better posture while taking away the pulls and tugs, which are common with running or walking with a dog. It consists of an adjustable harness system, one dog leash, a 14 Oz water bottle, a storage pouch, and training guide. Let’s go for a run! Continue reading


Supercollar Dog collar: Unleash yourself!


“Where is that leash again?” – as a dog owner you’ve probably asked yourself this question many times, and sometimes when you finally find the leash it’s dirty with dog saliva and dirt, but with the Supercollar you will never ask that question again.

The Supercollar was specifically built and designed for people and dogs that have gotten tired from frustrating long, tangled and weak leashes that don’t last long. The secret of this item is an all-in-one dog collar and leash. Continue reading


BB Simon Dog Collars: look like a million bucks


These fabulous dog collars are a part of a collection by the revolutionary designer B.B. Simon. This piece of jewelry is something else – representing a new approach to dog apparel and grooming.

You don’t need to dress up Pooch or Princess with anything special, once you have a gorgeous collar like this one. Make no mistakes, these collars are not for daily use or a rough play at the park, this is an item to wear on special occasions and holidays, just like your own diamond necklace. Continue reading