Poochy Pouch: Mother Kangaroo


If you have a small dog you’ve probably encountered different situations when you need to hold your dog on your hands; on rainy days your dog can accidentally fall into a puddle or in crowded places someone might step on it, all those things make you uncomfortable and really limit your moves.

The Poochy Pouch by FouFou dog makes these troubles go away in the most efficient and stylish way. Your dog will fit perfectly inside this cool sling carrier and it will keep him close to you and safe from harm. Continue reading


Fundle Ultimate Pet Sling: Close To Your Heart


Well, you want your little furry friend as close to you as possible, and it’s only natural when you’re out on the town to keep it safe and protected. The Ultimate Pet Sling, from Fundle, will do just that. This stylish carrier is a combination of a messenger bag and a pet sling – perfect for small dogs and cats. Continue reading


Hipster Sling for Dogs: Hip Pooch


As pet owners we tend to divide the world in two: big dogs vs small dogs. One advantage of having a small dog is that, in general, it’s easier to take care of, it doesn’t need too much space and can be carried around with you wherever you go. The Hipster sling carrier is a great way to have your Pooch by your side all day long. It is soft and sturdy and will have your pet tucked comfortably and safely close to you, while you’re walking around town, hands free. Continue reading


Cuddle Carriers for Dogs: Close To You


Our small dogs are like the world to us, and we want to make sure they are safe and protected. When we need to go out, we tend to hold them in our hands… Well, no more of that. Check out the Cuddle Carrier from Susan Lanci Designs – A safe and comfortable sling bag to fit in our precious Terriers, Chihuahuas and Shih Tzus. Continue reading


Bitty Bag & Pooch Pouch


Check out these two stylish, soft padded pet bags from PetEgo – one is called ‘Bitty Bag’ and the other ‘Pooch Pouch’. Both carriers are decorated with a beautiful checkered-stitching coffee suede exterior and a bright orange nylon fabric interior, attached with a bone shape chromium-plated snap on it. Continue reading


Cross Body Pet Carrier


This stylish bag is a fashionable dog sling carrier designed to be worn across your body and keep small pets close by. Other then Fido, it’s nice to have other essentials close at hand, like your water bottle, cell phone or even a pet waste bag dispenser – each of these items has its own pocket. Continue reading


Marsupack Carrier


The Marsupack Black Label is a handy go-anywhere travel bag for very small pets. It extends outwards to allow space for your pet to move around, and can be used as a front carrier, a backpack and can be strapped to any car seat. Continue reading


Reversible Sling Pet Carrier


From ‘East Side Collection’ this lovely dog carrier is called ‘Reversible Sling’. It loops over one shoulder while your dog rests in the pouch on the opposite hip – Pooch will feel safe and close, while you can enjoy piece of mind and hands-free mobility. Continue reading


Votoy Dog Sling Carrier


This stylish, Jeep Urban Sling carrier, from Votoy, is a hands free tote for the active dog owner, keeping your dog comfortable and close to you. Continue reading


Puppy Sling Carrier


This puppy dog sling, from Pet Flys, is a fashionable carrier that will keep your hands free while your pet is safe and secured. All Puppy “Hold’em” Slings have Faux Fur trim with cotton side padding and come with a safety chain to use if needed. Continue reading


Dog sling carriers Mackenzie


Dog sling carriers Mackenzie are stylish pet carriers designed like a clutch with the capability to be worn across your body like sling bags.

Carrying your little dog across town has never been so easy; Continue reading


Dog Sling Carriers by OutwardHound


Dog sling carriers give you more cuddly time with your pet. This baby style carrier, called the Sling-Go Pet Sling, is designed specifically for small pets, keeping them safe and comfortable. Now you won’t need to leave them home alone, while you’re doing your shopping, hiking or even household chores; just slip on the Sling-Go, place Pooch in the sling hammock pouch, and go! Continue reading


Dog sling carriers by CreatureCouture


These dog sling carriers collection by Creature Couture come in four great colors; avocado, black, pink and camo. The top of this cool sling carrier is open so your dog can hang out and enjoy the sights. Continue reading