iFetch Dog Toy: Go Get ’em


If your dog is like most dogs, he or she probably loves to play ‘go fetch’ with you. While it is always great fun at first, at a certain point most of us get tired and our disappointed furry friends need to wait until we are in the mood to play again. This is what happened to the family that invented iFetch. Their dog Prancer couldn’t get enough of the game so they decided to build a ‘go fetch’ toy for dogs. Continue reading


Haute Diggity Dog Toys: a box of chocolates


I love pampering my dog; whether it’s an extra blanket on cold nights, a tasty snack, or a new plush dog toy to run around and play with. When it comes to us humans, we like to pamper our loved ones with sweets and chocolates; when it comes to our beloved pets, chocolate or any other sweet is dangerous and a total no-no! so I’ve decided to go with an adorable toy, oozing with sweetness, to show Pooch how much I care. Continue reading


Dog Interactive Games: Game On!


These interactive games, by Nina Ottosson, have been specially designed to stimulate your dog’s brain whilst reinforcing his relationship with people. Each design has a unique mechanism that requires mental as well as physical dexterity to work through the challenges and reveal hidden food rewards. They can also be set to different levels of complexity to satisfy all ages and breeds of dogs. Continue reading


Wooferang Dog Toy: Go Fetch!


As dog owners, we want to keep them moving when we’re out in the park, to have them running around and get out all the energy they’ve been holding all day long. Most times we don’t want to run with them, so we’re looking for fun ways to get them running back and forth to us, or in other words – fetching.

Check out this cool boomerang shaped fetch toy for dogs. A Boomerang should come back to you when you throw it, it rarely does… However, you can be assured that the Wooferang will definitely come back, as dogs cannot resist the fun in bringing this colorful toy. Continue reading


Amphibious Bumper Dog Toy


This brightly-colored toy will sail through the air with ease, and float high in the water. It’s easy to spot and soft on your dog’s mouth, yet reasonably durable (unless your dog is a serious chewer…) – Perfect for swimming games and water fetching games. Continue reading


Amphibious Flying Ring


Designed for exceptional visibility and performance, the Chuckit! Amphibious Flying Ring toy is great for playing with your dog, whether on land or in the water. Each brightly-colored ring floats high in the water, is easy to throw short and long distances and is reasonably tough. Continue reading


Flying Squirrel Dog Toy


If your dog is an energetic Frisbee enthusiast, they will love the Chuckit! Flying Squirrel. Simply grab the squirrel by the paw or head and throw it like a flying disc. During flight, its shape and spinning feet will drive your dog nuts with excitement, making them pursue it without a second thought. The best part is when it hovers several feet of the ground as it slows and drops, where at this point Fido leaps into the air and snags the Squirrel in the blink of an eye. Continue reading


Chuckit! Ball Launcher


The Chuckit! Ball Launcher is a great exercise toy for dogs, who love a good game of fetch. It allows you to easily throw farther than your arm, and best of all, it’s designed for hands-free, slobber-free ball pickup. Continue reading


Toss n’ Pull Dog Toy


Made of an extremely durable, ballistic style nylon material, that also floats, the Toss ‘N Pull is an ideal dog toy for the outdoors. Unlike other soft toys, this one has been “battled tested” to ensure it can withstand hours of extended play of fetching and tugging – Perfect for aggressive and persistent chewers. Continue reading


Flying Cow Dog Toy


The Flying Cow is an extremely durable fetch toy for dogs, who enjoy destroying plastic Frisbee discs, tennis balls and other pet toys. It’s constructed of heavy-duty ballistic nylon, designed to withstand rigorous play, and soft fabric to prevent mouth injuries when caught by a dog. It’s perfect for playing in the park, and since it floats, Fido can play in the pool too. Continue reading


Orbee-Tuff Balls


Rated as the “world’s best dog ball” by industry experts, the Orbee-Tuff will probably become your dog’s favorite toy. It comes with vibrant colors and a rope for tossing so Fido can grab it by the string, thrash it back and forth and launch it in the air. Continue reading


Spring Roll


Spring Roll is an award-winning dog fetch toy with an ergonomic hourglass shape. It bounces, springs, and jumps erratically to provide your pet with hours of play time – Toss it across the yard, and watch your faithful friend run to bring it back to you – Perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Continue reading


Pet Toy Storage Box


This lovely toy box will complement every room in the house, while conveniently opening at the top to store pet toys and supplies – Perfect for dog and cat owners who would like to keep the clutter off the floor. Continue reading


Puparazzi Pup


Your dog might not be in-the-know about the latest Hollywood scandals or the juiciest celebrity gossip, however it will love these famous plush toys, such as Pup Doggy, Bruce Woofless and Biteme Spears – Get your fix of the hottest celeb toys from the Puparazzi Pup Collection. Continue reading