Paww Pick Pocket Pouch


Enjoy walking with your dog without having to carry pickup bags, keys or any other small objects. With the Paww Pick Pocket Pouch you can securely carry these items on your dog’s leash and focus on enjoying quality time with your pet. Continue reading


Handle Tie Dog Waste Bags


These handle tie waste bags are an easy and convenient way to pick up after your dog. They are easy to use with handles for easy tying and carrying, and are infused with Arm & Hammer baking soda and a fresh scent to naturally reduce odors. Continue reading


Arm & Hammer Dog Waste Bags


The cool thing about these disposable dog waste bags is the fact that they are Lavender scented bags, infused with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda which eliminates natural odors. On top of that you also get a uniquely designed dispenser with a flexible top that attaches easily to any leash, bag or belt loop – Perfect for pets on the go. Continue reading


Bag Clipper


The Bag Clipper from ‘Kelston Products’ is a waste clip that attaches to any dog leash and carries the waste bag for you, leaving your hands free – From now on no need to grip it, just clip it! Continue reading


Dog Business Bags


This is for all the eco-friendly dog owners out there – check out these great waste bags for when your dog goes on to do their business. Unlike plastic bags which take centuries to decompose, ‘Business Bags’ are made from real corn so they biodegrade completely in just 45 days – No more cluttering landfills or harming Mother Earth. Continue reading


No. 2 Pet Waste Bag Dispenser


Check out Harry Barker’s earth-friendly waste bag dispensers, they’re called ‘No. 2’ – What a great name for dog waste bags. Each dispenser is made from 100% recycled plastic with a hook to attach to your dog’s leash or collar. Continue reading


Pet Waste Pack-It-Out


Let’s be honest, at some point we’ve all faced that uncomfortable moment when we contemplated leaving our dog waste before picking it up, whether on a run, a hike or a game of fetch in the park. Pack-It-Out is a responsible, hands-free dog waste containment bag for exactly these moments, when you’re miles from the nearest garbage and no one is looking. Continue reading


Poop Patrol Dog Waste Bags


The Poop Patrol, by Firstrax, is a handy pet waste bag dispenser that will make your life easier while walking your dog. Oh, and we think the name is spot on, too… Continue reading


BioBag Biodegradable Waste Bags


For all you responsible pet lovers who also care about the planet, we found great, eco-friendly dog waste bags; they are called BioBag and they are 100% biodegradable. Oh, and if you’re a feline type of person, there’s also BioBag non-allergenic pan liners especially for cats. Continue reading


Bon Ton Pick-Up Kit


This neat dog bone is actually a stylish, poop-pick-up bag container. No more walking your dog to the park holding big plastic bags, because this Bon Ton waste bag clips easily onto your belt or your dog’s collar, allowing a quick & easy pick up. Continue reading


Designer Dog Poo Bags


Shit happens! Berlin-based design agency, Jungeschachtel, advice us to be prepared. Their designer Dog Poo Bags provide you with a clean and convenient way to gracefully carry your dog’s poo to a nearby bin. Continue reading


Skooperbox for dog poop


The Skooperbox is a great solution for all dog lovers. Instead of picking up your dog’s poop and placing it in one of those nasty plastic bags, why not use the Skooperbox… It’s made from 100% recycled material and is completely biodegradable. Continue reading