Wrought-Iron Doorway Dog Gate


The Doorway Dog Gate is an incredibly strong gate made from wrought iron. It is designed for dogs that can chew their way through wooden gates or that are strong enough to break through standard gates. With the Doorway Dog Gate your favorite four legged friend will stay out of harm’s way and in the space that you want him or her to be. Continue reading


Comfy Cone: for injured pets


Traditional pet cones are a kind of a ‘necessary evil’. When your pet is injured you must use one to protect against further injury, but there are problems with the plastic cones- pets have difficulties eating and drinking, they constantly bang into things and it is hard for them to relax with the cone on. Comfy Cone was designed to solve these problems. Continue reading


Power Pet Electronic Pet Door: open sesame


The Power Pet Electronic Door is an ingenious solution! With the Power Pet Door, your pet has the freedom to come in and out of your home and you will have the piece of mind that your house is safe. The door is activated by a tiny ultrasonic collar and will open only when your pet is directly in front of the door. The advantage of this feature is that the door won’t open if your dog or cat walks past the door or sleeps next to it. Continue reading


Bubble Tank: fish might get jealous


The Bubble fish tank by UK-based Psalt Design is a definite show stopper. Each fish tank is hand-made by a master glassblower making it a true one-of-a-kind piece. According to Psalt Design founders, the concept behind the tank was to create a design that demanded “a reaction, conversation or interaction between the owner and any guests”. This goal was definitely achieved. The fish tank has an amazing shape- a huge soft looking transparent bubble that slumps over the edge. Continue reading


M.PUP Dog House Sofa: Share A Small Space


Korean designer Seungji Mun created this extraordinary piece of contemporary furniture for M. Pup. The goal of the design was to merge the living spaces of humans and animals into a single piece of furniture. The Dog House Sofa takes into account the territorial needs of pets and gives them their own ‘room with a view’. Continue reading


The Circa50: Pet House Cabinets & Side Tables, Mid-Century Style


The Circa50 Collection was designed by Seattle based Crystal Gregory. Her goal was to convert standard (and usually unattractive) cat products such as litter boxes, cat beds and crates, into beautiful pieces of furniture that can be proudly displayed in any home. The furniture is made in mid-century modern style using the highest quality, Eco-friendly materials. Continue reading


Shake Dog Potty: Doing It In Style


The Shake Dog Potty by Modko is truly a breakthrough in innovation and design. With the Shake potty, after your dog has done its thing, all you need to do is close the pad, add water, shake it well and flush the dirty water down the toilet. The Shake Dog Potty is the brainchild of designers Brett Teper and Rich Williams, founders of Brooklyn based Modko, who wanted to create an aesthetic and pragmatic solution for pet owners living in apartments and small spaces. Continue reading


Petcube: no more home alone for pets


Now here is a lovely story. There is a guy called Alex Neskin and he left his dog Rocky home alone. Neighbors complained that Rocky was making lots of noise when Alex wasn’t home. So Alex set up a Wi-Fi webcam to see what Rocky was doing. He was upset to discover that poor Rocky was barking and scratching the door all day. Alex decided to build Rocky a robot that would enable them to play their favorite game together when Alex wasn’t home. He attached a laser pointer to a rotating camera and play time was on. It was such fun, that Alex made it possible for his friends to also play with Rocky. And voila, the Petcube was born. Continue reading


Whistle: take the best care of your dog


The Whistle Activity Monitor is a fantastic invention guaranteed to improve the well being of your dog and give you peace of mind. It is a small monitoring device that attaches onto your pet’s collar and records his or her activities. The Whistle comes with all the features you could possibly ask for. You have the ‘Activity Tracking’ that lets you know how much walking, playing or running your dog has been up to and the ‘Rest Monitoring’ that measures daily and long term rest patterns. A particularly nice feature is the ‘Time Together’ option that keeps track of how much time you have been spending with your pooch. Continue reading


Rocking-2-gether Chair


American architect Paul Kweton had a rocking idea- to combine a traditional rocking chair with a pet house. His hybrid creation is called the Rocking-2-gether chair 2.1. As Kweton states: “The idea behind the design was to combine shelter and body relaxation and to push its functionality to a different, more personal level”. The execution is simply brilliant. Continue reading


Glasscape: an award-winning home


This is not your typical glass fish bowl, but a design icon. It re-interprets the classic fishbowl, transforming it into a majestic underwater piece of art. By utilizing light and shadow, a glass mountain terrain has erupted inside this bowl of hand blown glass. How beautiful is that? Continue reading




Hey everyone, meet Gino – a handmade glass figurine for all you trendy dog lovers. Designed by Harry Allen for Gaia & Gino, this little dog figure actually represents Gino in the form of a shiny cluster of crystal blocks. A three-dimensional, transparent, digitized tribute to our favorite four-legged friends. Continue reading


Green Kitten Starter Kit: The purrrfect gift


Remember we told you about those wonderful puppy starter kits? Well, now it’s time for all cat owners to have their treat with the Green Kitten Starter Kit. This hand chosen selection of kitten products arrives in a delightful hamper, and includes Lily’s kitten food, a lovely cat collar, treats and a catnip mouse. The purrrfect gift for your kitten or cat. Continue reading


Dog’s Deli Cooking & Baking Recipes for Dogs: Yum!


I’m always up for a bit of cooking or baking – is anything better than cooking your own food… Dog’s Deli decided to take that idea a bit further and published two great recipe books with the latest doggy delicacies for your canine friend. Yum! Continue reading