Whisker Stress Free Cat Bowl


Whisker Stress is a very common phenomena that affects cats, although unknown to many pet owners. Cat’s whiskers are very sensitive and if they move 1/2000th of the width of a human hair, a signal is triggered and sent to the cat’s brain. When a cat puts his or her head into a narrow and deep bowl in order to eat, the over stimulation that results from the constant touching of the whiskers with the sides of the bowl causes stress. Continue reading


Wall-Nut Pet Dish


The Wall-Nut Pet Dish, from Dripmodule, is a totally out- of- the-box design for a versatile bowl that pet owners are bound to enjoy for a very long time. It has a simplistic design that consists of two elements- a wall mount and stainless steel food bowls. Continue reading


Yummy Travel Bowls: eat, drink , go.


Yummy Travel Bowls are three pet bowls uniquely designed to fit together to create a single container. The container allows you to safely store and carry water and solid food without them mixing. Also, since it has three bowls, you can give your pet water and wet and dry food, all at the same time. And it also comes with a nifty saucer that you can fill with water to keep ants and other insects out of food. Continue reading


Stainless Steel Pet Scoop


A high quality pet scoop is a very good investment that will make your life as a pet owner a bit easier and a lot more efficient. The Stainless Steel Pet Scoop holds up to 12-oz of solids or 1.5 cups of liquid which means that you can easily and quickly serve large quantities of kibble and water.

It’s made from high quality stainless steel with matte finish and is significantly more durable (and stylish!) than other materials such as plastic. Another important advantage of stainless steel is that it is bacteria resistant- a very essential factor when dealing with your pet’s nutrition. Continue reading


Heritage Dog Food & Hydration Pack: Let’s go!


If you and your dog like hiking then the Heritage Food and Hydration Pack has everything you need to make your explorations even more fun. With the Pack you won’t have to worry about your dog’s food and water supply and can just focus on enjoying yourselves and nature around you. The main compartment of the Pack can hold up to 8 lbs. of kibble and has a roll top closure that keeps the food fresh and dry and also functions as a carrying handle. To ensure that your dog is hydrated and energized, the Pack has a side compartment that can hold up to 1.5 liters of water and has a pour tube for easy access. Continue reading


Wander Pail: 2 Bowls in 1


Picnics and outings with pets are always fun and now they are even easier with Kurgo’s Wander Pail. You don’t need to worry any more about taking an extra dog bowl with you or that food will spill everywhere. With the Wander Pail you get two bowls that conveniently pack into one and a screw on lid with a handle that makes it easy to carry. Continue reading


Walloff pet dish


The Walloff dish is a fantastic solution for keeping your pet’s eating area nice and clean. Designed with the eating habits of pets in mind, the Walloff dish consists of a food bowl that is surrounded by a moat that collects all spillage. With the Walloff dish you won’t have to worry any more about food and water ending up on your floor after your cat or dog eat their dinner. Continue reading


Pet dishes: Sip & Savor, Drink & Devour


I’m always on the prowl for stylish pet accessories, so feast your eyes on these new pet bowls and treat jars for dogs and cats, designed by the wonderful artist Rae Dunn.
Featuring smooth white ceramics adorned with vintage illustrations, while inside a word of advice awaits – sip, savor, drink, and devour – one for food and one for water, one for Kitty and one for Pooch. Continue reading


Pet Treat Canisters: Bon Chien, Bon Appetit


It’s always fun to pamper our cats and dogs with nutritious, yummy treats, but it doesn’t mean you need to keep them stored in their original bags – Nope, you can actually keep them handy on your kitchen counter and still keep your style. And these lovely pet treat canisters from Harry barker will do the job beautifully. Continue reading


Fresh & Clear Pet Drinking Fountain: Health Fountain


Keeping our pets healthy is one of the most important things that we need to take care of, and the basics are shelter, good food and unlimited supply of fresh water. But when you’re living with more than one pet at home you find yourself replacing dirty bowls of water every couple of hours, not to mention the spilling that leaves marks all over the floor. The Fresh and Clear Pet Drinking Fountain is the perfect way to keep your dogs and cats drinking perfectly clean and healthy water. Continue reading


Sojos Dog/Cat Treats: A Matter of Taste


Industrial processed food affects not only us, humans, but also our pets. Sojos Pet Treats is an excellent way to treat your dog or cat with some quality super-food. These treats are made with wholesome, all-natural ingredients, corn and wheat free and your pet can choose from various tasty flavors, like beef stew, lamb & sweet potato, peanut butter & jelly, and more. Continue reading


Doca Pet Y Bowl: Having a Bowl


Some people love simplicity – fine clean lines and minimal yet efficient design. I’m one of them and the Y Bowl fits the bill and then some.

This unique elevated bowl, from Doca Pet, boasts a stylish design with powder-coated steel stand and rubber non-skid feet. Available in black, orange, red or white powder coating, you can be sure it will look great in your kitchen or anywhere else around the house. Continue reading


Smorgasboard Dog Bowl: Urban grub


We rarely come across such a stylish item with a simple clean design. The Smorgasboard Dog Bowl will make your pet feeding corner looking like a fancy restaurant.

Made of white resin with a wood grain texture, this modern item includes one stainless steel bowl and rubber non-skid bumpers to keep in place. This modern dog bowl has a rugged urban feel to it, adding a contemporary style to your home and making it an item to be proud of. Continue reading


Lula & Mio Jars: Keeping Pet Food Fresh


When we think about it, there’s no good reason to keep our pet’s food in the paper bag it usually comes in. First and foremost, it doesn’t keep the food fresh, despite all the nice tries. Second, it’s just not pretty on the eye, anywhere you put it. The Lula & Mio Jars will fix these two issues with a cute single item. Whether you own a dog or a cat or both, you’re all sorted.

The clear glass container holds up to 19.5 ounces of pet food. The food is kept fresh with the airtight thermoplastic resin lid. If you have a cat, you can choose Mio with the kitty handle on top, if you have a dog, choose Lula with the dog handle and if you have both – you’ll need two jars anyway. Your pet will be happier with fresh food to eat, and you’ll have a nice item to decorate your kitchen with. Continue reading