Dogleg Diner Pet Bowls: What a Dish!


The stylish Dogleg Diner Pet Bowl provides you with just the right size for your pet, whether it’s a cat, a small dog or a large one. With clean lines of industrial design, this beautiful elevated feeder is made from powder coated steel with a textured finish to resist scratches, includes a rubber non-skid bottom and two stainless steel bowls, making it the ultimate feeder for your pet – what a dish! Continue reading


Lion’s Head Elevated Pet Feeder: Before they Roar


Part of the eating experience lies within the settings. If we feel comfortable and within easy reach of our food, then the eating experience is so much better. This impressive elevated pet feeder will give your pet exactly that.

The feeder serves your dog 6 inches off the floor, helping your pet’s posture, joints, and leg muscles, promoting better digestion, and minimizing the risk of choking. Two stainless-steel bowls nestle comfortably in a base with a beautiful antique bronze finish; the bowls are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning; and you can be sure your pet will find their food easy to reach. You know, before they roar… Continue reading


Half-Barrel Pet Food Storage: Stock It Up


Taking care of your pet means making sure its food is stored properly and that you have enough of it. The Half-Barrel food storage will make sure that your pet’s food is safe and stored right and that you have plenty of it to stock up. It has cedar construction with a hinged lid and it fits flat against a wall for space saving convenience.

This is perfect to storing any type of pet food, whether for birds, cats or dogs, or all of them… It comes in several different sizes so you can pick the right size for you according to your pet. The best part – no need for plastic bags, this barrel will keep the food safe and look good in your kitchen. Continue reading


Paw Can Covers: Keeping It Fresh


Some things are just too cute – like these Paw Can Covers, with their fun design that is both smart and functional. These cool covers fit three standard can sizes and are formed into a colorful paw shape. Made from dishwasher-safe, flexible, functional silicone, each set includes two can covers with a matte finish. Each cover measures four inches in diameter. Adorable shape, variety of colors and it keeps your pet’s food fresh – not much more you and your pet could ask for. Right? Continue reading


Woodland Dog Bowl & Treat Jar: Barking Up The Right Tree


Check out this wonderful Woodland set by ORE – it includes a dog bowl and a treat jar in the form of a tree trunk. This stylish set doesn’t just take care of your dog, it’s also earth-friendly, made from recycled materials and eco-friendly products. These bowl and treat jar feature a high quality of ceramic construction, imitating a tree bark pattern in deep forest brown. Taking care of your dog, also means getting in sync with nature, and letting nature take its course. Heck, we let our pets do that, why shouldn’t we hope on board, by giving our dogs the best quality of materials mixed in with the feeling of a deep forest, it will literally feel like barking up the right tree. Continue reading


Personalized Wall-Mount Pet Feeder: Set in Stone


This beautiful wall mount pet feeder is not only stylish, but it is also useful, functional, and best of all, can be personalized with your pets name. Creating an attractive and contained feeding area for your dog or cat reduces the mess factor, while an elevated bowl will also help your pet’s digestion.

This classic feeder is made from an eco-friendly recycled aluminum with an all-weather finish for use indoors or out; it comes with 2-qt. dishwasher safe bowls for food and water. This pet feeder will literally set in stone your pet’s name and the special place for its dinning area. With its classic, elegant design, this will not only keep the mess out, but also blend in with your home decor. Continue reading


Pet Dining Zen Bowls: Concentrate On Eating


The stylish Zen Bowls are the ultimate way to ensure your pet is eating, while keeping the space clean and tidy. These innovative bowls ergonomically conform to you dog’s mouth, keeping long ears outside of the bowl for a more pleasant (and clean) dining experience. For cats, place the bowl perpendicular to your cat’s body to reduce the stress of sensitive whiskers.

It could be used both as a water and food dish for pets, featuring a convenient thumb hole for an easy grip and extra space for “dessert”. It is made from a blend of fine bone china and porcelain and it comes with rubber non-slip mat. Finally, you and your pet can literally concentrate on eating, nothing else. Continue reading


Hugx Pet Bowls: Pet Perfect


Feeding our pets is part of our daily routine. With Hugx Pet Bowls, you can be sure your cat or dog will enjoy the most pleasant dining experience. Designed especially for the contemporary home, these bowls have the ergonomic look of a stylish appliance rather than a simple pet bowl, with rust-proof aluminum construction and a high gloss ABS plastic bowl and matching rubber “paws”. It also features a special angle, that ensures that pets wearing veterinary collars can eat or drink without disturbance; by turning the bowl 180 degrees in its stand you can actually control the amount of food it holds. Everything you could have wished for in a bowl – It is pet perfect. Continue reading


Pet Treat Jars: Someone Has Been Really Good


It’s time to take out the simple treat bag and throw it out of your kitchen as these elegant pet treat jars are so much more fun and dandy. With a unique, stylish design, these dog and cat treat jars would blend into any kitchen and actually give a special touch to your interior decor. The textured, octagonal glass jars have polished, food-safe aluminum tops with rubber gaskets and plastic screw threads for an airtight seal, keeping treats all fresh and crunchy. This jar will have your pet staring at it and begging for a treat – Who’s a good boy (or girl…) Continue reading


Aqua-Fur Travel Bowls: Super-Bowl


Rarely do we see something so simple and yet so genius – the Aqua-Fur by Tazlab is exactly that. It’s a silicone bowl that looks and acts like a dog bowl yet folds up flat for dogs on the go. This unique travel bowl is dishwasher safe and made of food-grade quality silicone – guaranteed to never wet out. Featuring a unique stow and go design, it’s perfect for any backpack, duffel bag or glove box. Continue reading


Berlin Pet Dish: Bon Appetit!


The Berlin pet dish is not just a feeding bowl, it’s a fashion statement – perfect for Princess or Pooch and their fashionista owner. These bowls feature a diamond-cut pattern on nickel-plated porcelain that will stand out in any kitchen, especially a stainless steel based decor. They are available in 4 sizes: X-small holds 1 cup, Small holds 2 cups, Medium holds 5 cups, and Large that holds 8 cups – Your pet size will determine how big your bowl actually is. Continue reading


Yoga Pet Bowl: Spiritual Style


Every now and again, we love to treat our pets. The added bonus to that is that by treating our dogs and cats we’re actually treating ourselves as well. Not too long ago I came across a charming water/food bowl with a uniquely stylish elevated design, created specially for dogs.

It is molded from high quality polypropylene in 6 colors and 3 sizes. Each leg has a rubber stopper which prevents sliding as well as protects your floor. As an added bonus to being a distinctive new look for any pet, the raised styling provides a perfectly ergonomic feeding position for all dogs with the front being lower than the back of the bowl. This is an added bonus for “senior” pets. For us pet owners, the handles provide a convenient and hygienic way to carry the bowl. Continue reading


Double Feeding Dish: Two of a Kind


Having a pet could be stylish and decorative for your home with this beautiful design of classic wood and stainless steel. Take a look at this double feeding dish, it’s practical as well as stylish, with stainless steel bowls, that are dish washer safe, set into an attractive wooden platform with non-toxic finish and coated bottoms to prevent scuffing. Continue reading


Hydro Dog Bowl


Waterproof and durable, this handy dog bowl snaps closed into a compact triangle for easy storage. Simply snap it around a leash, backpack, bicycle, or a variety of other places while you’re on the go – Perfect for traveling with your dog. Continue reading