Squishy Pet Bowls


These stylish pet bowls from Guyot Designs are perfect for dogs and cats on the go. Put a bowl in your pocket and off you go, and when Fido or Kitty needs a quick drink or a bit of kibble, pop it open and voila’ you’re back on the road in no time. Continue reading


Lula Dog Bowl


At first glance, all you can see is the most adorable dog by the name of Lula, sitting on a mountaintop and howling at the full moon. However, underneath the mountain hides a cute dog bowl, perfect for medium and large-sized dogs, with three stable silicone rubber feet. Continue reading


Basketweave Pet Mat


Add a touch of style to your pet’s feeding area with this lovely mat collection from NY-based designer Sandy Chilewich’s signature basketweave woven vinyl flooring – it’s chic, functional and easy to clean. Available in Chestnut, Lemon, Lime, Mango, or Platinum, these stylish mats will look great under those pesky pet food bowls. Continue reading


Studio Duo Dog Feeder


Check out these awesome elevated dog feeders from the new Studio Duo collection by Wetnoz, featuring rich and lively duo-tone colors that will surely brighten Fido’s day. Continue reading


Slope & Zen Pet Bowls


Simple, elegant and ultra modern, these dog and cat bowls are crafted from ceramic and detailed with small, hand painted paws. Their shape is uniquely designed, where the zen set conveys the serenity of the zen signs and the single slope bowl is just pure simplicity. Continue reading


Modern Eclipse Bowl


Eclipse is a sleek and modern dog bowl that will enhance any kitchen. It’s crafted from sturdy chip resistant porcelain and has the most cute small black paw hand painted on its inner side. Continue reading


Lil Pup & Pee Wee


These stylish bowls are perfect for small dogs with big hearts! Whether Lil Pup or Pee Wee, both will serve food and water in a premium-grade stainless steel body and are sure to look great in your kitchen. Continue reading


Ultra Luxury Cat Dish


It seems that some cats are quite sensitive about their whiskers rubbing against the sides of a regular-shaped feeding bowl. It’s called ‘whisker stress’. This elevated cat bowl is designed for just that as it has a wide, shallow shape, which your feline friend will appreciate. Continue reading


Food Server and Storage


This elevated pet feeding station from HomeZone, is both stylish and multi-functional. It raises food and water to a comfortable height which helps your pet digest better, and you can also lift the hinged top to store extra food, toys, or supplies inside the large storage unit – Ideal for medium to large dogs as well as cats. Continue reading




Make your pet feeding area the center of attention with these fun, designer dog bowls and their vibrant transparent colors. Dogbols are crafted from 100% transparent polycarbonate that won’t rust or oxidize, and are completed with the modern and sleek, yet functional Dogmat. Continue reading


Pet Food Storage Container


No need to hide this pet food storage container – it’s stylish, classy and will keep your pets food dry and fresh. Made of stainless steel, this container has a capacity of 60 Liter, and can hold most 55 lb. bags of dog or cat food, bird seed, horse oats, even kitty litter. Continue reading


ChowPal Feeding Kit


When you’re traveling with your dog, it’s good to have a portable pet feeding set. Whether for spontaneous getaways, camping or visiting family and friends, ChowPal will keep your dog food clean and fresh. Continue reading


Meshidai Raised Pet Feeders


This elegant feeder is a part of ‘Bowsers’ new collection of dog bowls and elevated feeders. Its stylish, clean lines will add a contemporary, refined look to any space as well as a refined dining experience to your beloved pet. Continue reading


Blue Elevated Pet Feeder


Why not create a tidy feeding area for your pet and give it a touch of Shabby-Chic charm with this stylish, wooden elevated feeder. Continue reading