Elevated dog feeders by Dog in NY


These elevated dog feeders are elegant and would suit any dog owner who wants their beloved dog accessories to match their modern home interior design style. Continue reading


WaterDog automatic pet drinking fountain


The Automatic Dog Water Stream will make sure your dog gets fresh, cool water everyday, all day. The WaterDog is a great idea since people do forget to refill and change their dogs’ water bowls. Continue reading


Elevated dog feeder by WETNoZ


This elevated dog feeder is called the “Big Pooch” Elevated Dog Bowl Booster. This luxurious 9″ or 12” elevated dog feeder stand is made specifically for the Big Pooch Dog Bowl. Continue reading


Travel dog bowl by Olly Dog


This travel dog bowl by Olly Dog is called the Three Dog Bowl. It is a folding travel dog bowl that will fit in your pocket while traveling outdoors with your dog. No more hiking with a plastic dog bowl in your bag pack, while stopping every now and then, taking it out and so on; from now on just yank it out of your pocket and pour cool fresh water for your thirsty dog. Continue reading


Pet feeders by Holden Designs


These stylish pet feeders are the creation of Holden Designs. These sculptural wooden elevated pet feeders will blend nicely in any interior design style, so you wont have to hide them when the first guest arrives. They are clean, simple, graceful and the perfect height for your dog or cat. Continue reading