The Canine Shower Stall


Washing your dog, especially if he or she is a large one, can be a challenge. Water can end up everywhere and because many dogs move a lot while being cleaned, you can’t always do a thorough job. The Canine Shower Stall transforms washing your dog into a simple and pleasant experience. Continue reading


Dog Towel & Mat: Soggy Doggy


Playing water games with your dog or just watching him or her splash around is always tones of fun. The enjoyment seems to end however when your wet dog needs to get into the car or house. The Soggy Doggy Mat and Towel are super absorbent solutions that ensure that nothing puts a damper on your good time with your pet. Continue reading


Dog Pools Bone + Paw: pool party


There is nothing like jumping into the pool on a hot summer day to cool off. And now, there are customized pools for dogs that let you splash the afternoon away with your four legged friend. You can choose from the larger sized Bone shaped pool or the smaller sized Paw shaped pool and start enjoying quality play time. Continue reading


Grooming Set: for short/long hair dogs


Here’s another great dog accessory from Hamish McBeth, it’s a grooming set for both short and long hair dogs. Each set includes a handy storage bag with four pieces inside that will ensure a smooth coat and a healthy skin. Continue reading


Dyson Groom: Blowing in the Wind


Dogs are a joy. They really are, however, there are some less fun sides to having a dog around the house – like their hair. The Dyson Groom will take care of that. It’s a vacuum-assisted dog groomer, that removes loose dog hair from the coat before they shed it around the house; it captures allergens during grooming and it removes dead skin cells – improving coat condition. The best part – you groom your dog while Dyson does all the dirty work, literally. The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. Continue reading


Resort Hooded Pet Robe: Freshly Dry


Well, if there’s one thing most dogs don’t like to do at all is have a bath, and if there’s one thing they dislike even more is drying their fur. The Resort Pet Robe will make sure that drying your dog will be as fun for it as much as it is easy for you. Continue reading


Pup Tub: Wash it Out


Well, they are running around and getting their exercise, playing in the mud, getting into puddles. No, not our kids – our puppies… The Pup Tub is the perfect solution to give them a wash, while keeping your surrounding clean.

This tub is made of lightweight, durable plastic for easy portability, indoors or out. Adjustable tethers can be clipped to your pet’s collar to help prevent your pet from escaping. It has a padded bottom to prevent slipping and it features two built-in cups for bath-time supplies and drain plug for easy water removal. However dirty they get – you’d be able to wash it out with no hassle. Continue reading


Scaredy Cut Silent Clipper: At Ease


It’s neither a big secret nor a huge shock – pets don’t like their fur to be cut. But it doesn’t have to be a battle anymore with Scaredy Cut Silent Clipper. This is the perfect solution for dogs and cats who are bothered by the noise and vibration of electric clippers.

This patented solution adapts quality barber scissors to silently use the same guide combs used with electric hair clippers. Simply select the comb length for your pet’s trim, snap the comb onto the mounting block, and begin by gently combing your pet. Once your pet feels at ease you can start grooming. Continue reading


Soft Claws for Cats: Gentle Soft Touch


Fact number one – cats need to scratch, it’s part of their nature. Fact number two – usually, their act of nature is our furniture’s living nightmare. For that reason Soft Claws is the answer to any home grown cat. What are Soft Claws? They are vinyl nail caps that glue on to your cat’s claws. The nail caps cover the claw tips so no damage occurs when your cat scratches. This is a safe, effective and most importantly, humane alternative to declawing! Your cat can keep on scratching as it should, while you can enjoy its gentle soft touch. Continue reading


Paw & Bone Pet Brush: Grooming Time!


Brushing our pets is an added bonus to our daily routine since both sides love it! Here is an excellent tool, whether you’re a cat or a dog owner, the Paw & Bone Pet Brush will get your pet sitting and begging for some more grooming. With solid maple wood construction and stainless steel bristles, these paw & bone shape brushes will give both you and your pet the best time of day. Continue reading


Brush Buddy: Pretty Clean


We love our dogs, it’s as simple as that. Taking care of our dog is like taking care of our children. It needs to be loved, nourished and cleaned. Anyone who owns a dog can confirm – having a dog could be a messy business that requires constant cleaning and pet grooming. Continue reading


Pet Slicker/Bristle Brush & Combs


Check out this versatile 4-in-1 pet grooming tool that will make your cat and dog look smooth and neat. Featuring a large surface and a cushioned, non-slip handle for a comfortable grip, this brush is easy to use; on one side, the wire slicker removes tangles, dead hair and debris while distributing healthy coat oils that your pet needs. On the other side, soft nylon bristles smooth the coat for a healthy, shiny appearance. Continue reading


Dog Flea and Fine Combs


Here’s a great 2-in-1 grooming tool for quick and effective pet grooming while you’re on-the-go. It’s a handy set of two palm-sized combs that fit conveniently into a compact travel case. Continue reading


Deluxe Pet Shower Sprayer


Now that summer is here it’s time to give your dog a bath and let him dry out in the sun. The Deluxe Shower Sprayer from Bamboo Pet offers your pet the ultimate spa experience – it cleans, massages and rinses shampoo quickly and easily, providing both you and your pet with a pleasant experience for indoor or outdoor bathing. Continue reading