Ultimate Pet Stroller: 4 in 1


The Ultimate 4 in 1 Pet Stroller brings the term multifunctional to a whole new level. It can be used as a pet stroller or carrier, car seat and a pet house; this cool item has it all – if you use it as a stroller – the rear wheels have breaks for parking; as a carrier bag – it has adjustable shoulder straps; the cage can be very easily removed for conversion and the frame folds easily for storage. It’s the ultimate accessory for small pets. Continue reading


Posh Pet Stroller: Fancy Ride


Sometimes life requires you to take things into your own hands. This also means that sometimes you are in need for certain items, so you might as well get the very best. The Posh pet stroller is a great example for how you can take initiative and make things go your way, literally.

This charming stroller works wonders on the town or on the road. Your small pet rides cozy and secured in a snug carrier while also riding in style. It is perfect for cats, dogs with mobility restrictions or any occasion when stylish containment is essential. This is indeed a fancy ride. Continue reading


Roadster Pet Stroller: It’s Time for a Walk


Pets are like kids, we cannot leave them running around all the time. Sometimes they just have to stay in their stroller. The Roadster will keep your pet safe and happy and protect your pet wherever you go. You can be sure your pet will be thrilled to be in this stroller, and will look forward to go out for a walk at any time. Continue reading


Pod iLove


Pod iLove is a bike basket, a pet car seat and a travel carrier in one. It can be carried by hand, strapped to your shoulder, tightened to a car seat or attached to your bike with the Quick Release connection that allows you to mount it to virtually any bicycle’s handle bar. Continue reading


Bengal Pet Stroller


This stylish stroller accommodates small dogs, cats and other pets in a spacious mesh ventilated enclosure, which can be detached from the stroller chassis via 4 Velcro straps and used by itself as a pet carrier on an airplane or in the car – Ideal for pets up to 25 lbs. Continue reading


Zephyr Pet Stroller


The sporty Zephyr carrier is packed full of features, making it an ideal stroller for cats and small dogs. It comes with a soft padded handle for comfort, a two cup holder and tray for storing drinks and treats for you and your pet, and three hardened foam wheels, each sporting wheel locks for safety. The front wheel is doubled up for extra stability and also has a spring loaded shock providing a smoother ride for your cat or dog. Continue reading


Lets Go Pet Stroller


Check out this happy pup, from now on he’s not being left at home while you’re going out on errands or a jog around the neighborhood. Kitty would love this foldable pet stroller too, where she can sit comfortably and enjoy some fresh air and a change of scenery, without danger from traffic or other animals. Continue reading


Kittywalk Sport Stroller


With a detachable carrier for cats and small dogs, the Kittywalk stroller doubles both as a stroller and pet carrier. It’s lightweight yet strong and is easy to maneuver on most surfaces, even with one hand! It’s also the perfect solution for cat owners who enjoy being outdoors and would love to give Kitty that freedom and keep her safe at the same time. Continue reading


Doggie Jogger Stroller


This pet stroller from Kyjen is awesome! It’s stylish and sturdy, and folds flat with removable wheels for easy storage. With the Doggie Jogger your pet can come along for the ride while you’re jogging long distances – It’s perfect for small dogs and cats, easy to assemble, well designed and constructed, and looks real good in Navy Blue. Continue reading


KittyWalk Royale Classic


The ‘Royale Classic’ is not just a hand-crafted elegant stroller designed to look like a luxurious piece of luggage (as the KittyWalk Royale), it is also multi-functional, serving both as a stroller as well as a portable pet carrier – Perrrrfect for pampered cats and small dogs up to 35 lbs. Continue reading


Kittywalk Royale


Resembling a luxurious piece of fine luggage, the Kittywalk Royale is the ‘Mercedes’ of pet strollers. It’s a beautifully elegant hand-crafted stroller, that folds with the use of only one hand – Perfect for the ultimate pampered pet when only the very best will do! Continue reading


1st Class Pet Stroller


This stylish stroller is a great 3-wheel jogger for your dog. It has a steel frame construction and a durable 600-Denier nylon cover and comes with lots of storage for treats and toys as well as a convenient one-hand fold mechanism for easy storage – perfect for pets up to 30 lbs. Continue reading


Pet Bicycle Trailer Burley


The Tail Wagon from Burley is one of the most versatile pet trailers, allowing you to take your pet for a bike ride or a stroll in the park. This awesome bicycle trailer can also be enjoyed as a ski trailer with the optional We! Ski Kit. Continue reading


Sport Trike Stroller


This stylish stroller is the most fashionable accessory for traveling with your pet. It’s a collapsible stroller for small pets that features an adjustable handle and detachable wheels for easy storage. Continue reading