Tagg: The Pet Tracker


Almost every dog or cat owner is familiar with the anxiety experienced when their beloved pet goes missing. Until now one could either get in the car and go looking or helplessly wait at home. Now, advanced GPS and wireless technologies have come to the rescue. Tagg is an advanced pet tracking device that let’s you know where your pet is at all times. Continue reading


RoamEO Pet Monitor System: Piece of Mind


Almost every dog owner has been through this – the longest moments of fear when you realize your dog had disappeared. Whatever reason that may be, nobody wants to go through this again. No worries, the RoamEO Pet Monitor System will make sure you won’t.

This smart system allows you to locate your pet using a patented combination of satellite and radio signals. It’s an easy to use – no extra assembly required – system that consists of an adjustable collar for your pet, and a handheld receiver that monitors your pet’s movements and will guide you to it if desired. Ready straight from the box with batteries and a charger, this piece of equipment will give you peace of mind. Continue reading


Loc8tor Pet: Easy Tracking


For a lot of pet owners there is a regular scenario that repeats itself time and again – their dog or cat has gone wandering around, and they can’t find it. Well, here is exactly what they need to help them – the Loc8tor Pet. This credit card sized locating device is ideal to help you find Fido or Kitty or even Charlie the turtle.

The Loc8tor Pet comes supplied with two lightweight homing tags (weighing only 5 grams) – the set up takes seconds. The tag can be attached directly on to your pet’s collar using the splash proof tag cases provided. The Loc8tor’s audio and visual cues, from the handheld, point you in the right direction. With amazing accuracy you will be guided to within an inch whether you are indoors or out, even in complete darkness. With a great range of up to 400 feet, this is the ultimate tracking device for pets. Continue reading


Easy 2 Find Locator


The Easy 2 Find is a wireless radio frequency locator, which can be very helpful should your cat decides to step outside. Attach the key ring receiver to the collar of your feline friend and whenever he’s out of sight, simply press the button and his collar device beeps. Keeping track of your cat has never been easier! Continue reading


Secure a Pet GPS collar


Finding your pet within the first 12 hours of when they go missing is very important, which is exactly what the Secure-a-Pet GPS collar does. It enables you to find your pet easily and quickly by using a computer, web-enable cell phone or live 24/7 customer support. Continue reading


PetSafe Micro ID


The PetSafe Micro ID is a small, lightweight rescue collar for small/large dogs and cats. Hidden inside is a simple USB flash drive that stores all of your pet’s personalized data, so if you’re dog or cat gets lost the rescuer can simply plug the memory stick right into any computer to identify the pet and bring it safely back to its owners. Continue reading


Snif Tag Tracker


The Snif Tag is a small digital tracking device that easily fastens onto your dog’s collar, letting you keep tabs on your dog’s activities at home, in the park, or when you’re apart. Whether a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, if you ever wondered what Fido is up to while you’re at work all day, now you can have peace of mind and a unique understanding of your pet’s life. Continue reading


GPS dog tracking collars


Retrieva is a GPS pet tracking unit integrated into a dog collar, which will automatically alert you, by SMS text, if your dog has left a safe area or in case of low battery alert, which is great for tracking your dog as well as an anti-theft feature. Continue reading


Pet Tracking Loc8tor


Keep track of your cat or dog (or even your tortoise who usually likes to hide) with the Loc8tor pet tracking device. Tracking your pet is easy, simply attach the tag to its collar and track it down across the house, yard or out and about. Continue reading


GPS pet tracking Zoombak


Keep watch for your pet 24/7 with the dependable and accurate Zoombak GPS pet tracking device; now you can track your pet real- time location on-demand, anywhere within Zoombak.com nationwide coverage area or through their live, toll-free customer care 24 hours, 7 days a week. Continue reading


GPS Dog tracking Device by Garmin


The Garmin Astro GPS Dog Tracking System will help you find your dog whereabouts even when you can’t see or hear him. This GPS pet tracking system comes with a bright, color-screen handheld GPS device and a wireless transmitter with up to 5-mile range. Continue reading


Pet tracking ContactPro


This pet tracking device is called the Contact Radio Directional Pro Dog Tracking Kit. It features an easy to read, back-lit LCD handheld receiver providing quick access to vital information such as gain adjustment, frequency, audio settings and signal strength meter. Continue reading


Pet tracking RoamEO


The RoamEO pet tracking device is not just for hikers who camp with their pet. Now dog owners can quickly and easily locate their pets by using a GPS-enabled collar, which is designed to update readings at your portable, handheld receiver every few seconds, giving you a continuous stream of real-time information. Continue reading


Pet tracking LoCATor


The LoCATor pet tracking device will enable you to track your favorite pet by day or night. Continue reading