February 17th, 2014

Pet Bambu Hammocks

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If you are looking for a dog or cat bed that your pet will love to sleep in and that also has some extra chic to it that compliments the design of your home, then you should look into the Pet Bambu Hammocks. The Bambu Hammocks have a clean modern design that showcases the natural beauty of the bamboo and a simple elegance that makes it stand out.

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Wow, this wicker bed is simply beautiful!
Our pets love to enjoy the outdoors just as much as we do, so if we want to chill out outside and take it easy, you can be sure they want that too. This elegant, outdoor pet bed will make sure they’ll have the best time chilling out with you.

The sturdy oval shape and densely cushioned base and bolster are just as comfortable as your pet’s indoor bed, and all-weather durable with its bronze all-weather resin wicker. Classic weave conceals the sturdy aluminum frame; an elevated design keeps dogs off the ground and away from dirt, water and insects. This is indeed the best place for your dog to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun.

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The fact that we want to allow our dogs to enjoy a pleasant nap and a comfortable sleep, doesn’t mean we need to compromise on style. The Refined Canine’s Wicker Dog Day Bed is the perfect solution to keep everyone happy.

This indoor/outdoor pet bed is a wonderful option to play with. It’s made of waterproof poly rattan material and includes a comfortable, tufted outdoor cushion. Its raised platform prevents the cushion from getting water logged on rainy days. This beautiful natural rattan dog bed will complement both traditional and modern home decor. No matter what you choose, you can be assured your dog will have the perfect place to rest.

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Rarely do I see something so adorable and so perfect like the Rhino Wicker Pet Bed. Seeing this stylish bed for pets automatically brings a smile to everyone’s faces, since it is so darn cute. Of course, that’s not all, this wicker bed will also serve as a decorative piece of furniture for your home.

Available in Small, Medium and Large to accommodate dogs of all sizes, this comfortable bed features a durable steel frame and an elevated bottom, to allow the cushion to breath, thus not trapping dust, odors, or mold, and a reversible cushion with a durable cream-colored poly-cotton cover which removes easily for machine washing. All and all, this is the ultimate bed for your dog or cat, it assembles easily with no tools required, the frame is easy to clean with only soap and water and the inner mattress is filled with high-loft polyfil, in short, this bed will make you want to join your pet for a little nap and cuddly time.

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Check out this gorgeous bunk-bed for pets. This is the perfect solution for city apartments with a limited space or for any desire to have your pets share a sleeping space. It has solid wood with a high-gloss finish, stainless steel accents and 2 micro fiber fabrics included. The fabric is machine washable and the bed is very easy to set up – only 2 screws required.

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September 22nd, 2009

Cute Pet Cribs

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With white-washed wooden frame with hints of baby pinks and blues, a matching bedding set and a spare pillow for extra comfort, these cute cribs will make perfect pet beds for your beloved cat or dog.

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The Sof-Bed is a stylish, raised dog bed offering your pet a place to relax comfortably whether indoors or outdoors. It’s also an ideal travel bed, highly portable and easy to take almost anywhere while traveling with your dog.

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I love the idea of recycling vintage suitcases to be used both as a unique decorative item as well as a great pet bed for a small dog or cat.

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Are these designer dog beds fabulous or what? the Pink Feather Canopy Dog Bed is the perfect bed for every diva. It’s timeless, fashionable and luxuriously pink. This dog bed is an iron sleigh dog bed, decorated with pink and white Boa feathers which beautify and accentuate the bedding.

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Raised dog beds are great; these beds will do a great job keeping your dog warm when it’s cold outside. The Foldover Fuzzy Pet Bed is a cool raised dog bed, adding some style for any pampered dog.

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The Double Donut luxury dog bed will make any small dog look up in awe. I mean, this small dog bed looks so comfortable, especially designed for the king-of-kings dog.

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Luxury dog beds that will look really nice in a Victorian interior design style home are not that easy to find. That is why this luxury dog bed called Doggie Chic Daybed will give both you and your dog a good night sleep.

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Check out this pet bed in case you’re going for that Survival look for your dog bed or cat bed. The Country Hammock Pet Bed is a solid birch cozy hammock for small dogs and cats.

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The Wave dog bed by Hepper is a micro-suede bed that’s a flying carpet of coziness.
This dog bed, hammock-like perch, keeps your dog or cat warm in the winter time or cool in summer time.

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